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Happywork Reviews, Happywork Podcasts, Happywork Tweets, Happywork Everything!

This blog post serves several purposes:

1. It’s a compendium of reviews for my book Happywork. (mostly happy reviews, no doubt!)
2. It’s a compendium of podcasts, interviews, and recorded speaking engagements supporting the book.
3. It’s a repository for all the fun tweets flying around about the book.

Here we go!


Happywork on Goodreads
Amazon reviews of Happywork
8 Ways To Ruin Your Office Culture by Dave Kerpen (huge HUGE comments section here)
Travis Sheridan’s review
Adam Purcell’s review
Mike Stenger’s review
Joi Sigers’ review on
St Louis Staffing mentioned Happywork in a blog post – thank you Susan Martin!
Jeremy Nulik’s review on the KolbeCo blog – detailed and awesome


My appearance on the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX Radio
Marketing Profs with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone – Kerry, you’re the best!
Jeffrey Shaw’s Creative Warriors podcast – excellent questions here!
2 Regular Guys podcast – talking t-shirts, just like the old days.
Bud Hennekes’ A Boundless World podcast
Vernon Ross’ Social Strategy podcast – We went for 90 minutes!
Likeable Radio with Dave Kerpen – download episode 59!
Will Hanke’s “Online Marketing: Navigating the Rapids” podcast
Culture Radio with John Gardner
The Entrepreneur’s Library with Wade Danielson – a fun chance to talk about the book for 15 minutes straight!
Deb Krier on Mile Hi Radio – take a listen, I think she only asked a few questions. We just talked!
Mitch Matthews’ Dream, Think, Do podcast – coming soon


LINK to video, in case the above player doesn’t work


Dream tweet:

(Believe it or not, Terry is happy)

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