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Books I’m Recommending Tomorrow at My United Way Seminar

Chris Reimer book recommendations

Tomorrow I’m conducting a social media seminar and Q&A at the United Way of Greater St. Louis. Attendees from United Way-funded organizations will hear me speak about social media, and then will fire several hours of questions at me.

One thing I’ll be recommending off the bat is self-education. When working to understand social media, I have found that practice does make perfect. One hundred and ten thousand tweets later, I do have experience I didn’t before have. However, backing up one step, I’ll want the attendees to be in the right mindset before using social media to say what they have to say.

The books above will be getting a shout out, and I do hope the attendees give these works a chance. I’ve learned so much by taking to heart the messages these authors offered to the world.

Meeting the People that Inspire You is Inspiring!


Simon Sinek recently spoke at the COCAbiz Spark 2013 conference here in St. Louis. I had the good fortune of finding him in a conference room, signing hundreds of books before his talk. I asked him, “There is no rubber stamp that can adequately do this job, is there?” He laughed and said no.

Simon inspires me and his book “Start With Why” (affiliate link) made me think so differently on a range of issues. It was a thrill to meet him in person.

Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business

My God, how true is this? I actually hesitated to post this video, wanting to keep the genius of Sinek to myself. His messages are:

1. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

2. It’s not how, or what, but why that drives us. Therefore, companies need to discover what is remarkable about their organization and tailor their messaging around that.