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Compendium of Spammy Blog Comments

My new site is less than two months old, and the deluge of spammy blog comments has already begun in earnest. I don’t understand spam. You see it, in all of its forms, and you think, “Well, they wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t work.” I can’t believe that’s true, though. Brute force […]

Super-gross LinkedIn Spam

Nothing like starting off a pitch with a single word: “Sell”

Come On Twitter, You Can’t Get Rid Of This Spam? Try Harder!

Come on guys, something can be done about this. Every one of these accounts is a fake.

Referral Key – Clogging The Arteries Of My Inbox With Spam

June 19, 2013 UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Chris Ott, one of the founders of Referral Key. I recognized his name on my caller ID and was bracing for a rough call. It is completely understandable that they are not fans of this post. He could not have been nicer. It’s been […]

Twitter Must Get Rid Of Spam NOW

Twitter has a major problem. Spam is driving away quality users, and Twitter needs quality users (vs. mere quantity) if it wants to remain a go-to social media platform. Have a listen to this 5-min podcast and tell me in the comments below if you agree with my thoughts on this.