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The New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – My Discussion With Mark Reardon on KMOX Radio

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are scheduled to ship any day now. The 6 is a 4.7″ phone, while the 6 Plus is a 5.5″ monster phablet. Which one am I going to buy? I am still undecided, but that big phone is so tempting. I use my phone for email, tweeting, texting, […]

Texting and Driving – Dangerous!

A few months ago, I joined Mark Reardon on KMOX for a discussion on texting and driving. He noted that I posted about the subject on Facebook and foolishly challenged me to a debate. In all seriousness, I always enjoy going on Mark’s show, and I hope you enjoy the discussion we had. And I […]

One Tweet to a Life in Hell – The Justine Sacco Affair

Some people are scared to use social media. It seems too “Wild Wild West” to them. Some of those people are fearful of learning how to do it, some are scared to make a big mistake, and some wish for a simpler time when the definition of “friend” was narrower and “in the flesh.” As […]

Workplace Horror Stories – My Appearance On The Mark Reardon Show on KMOX

Recently on Facebook, I posted about a restaurant in Jerusalem offering a 50% discount in exchange for the patron simply turning off their mobile phone. Then, I posted a request – give me your worst workplace horror stories – negative events that have happened in your working life, and my Facebook friends lit up the […]

The Price of Soda at Work – A Discussion with Mark Reardon of KMOX Radio

Through the haze of Obamacare website snafus, government shutdowns, gun control and all of the other sticky issues of our day, only one topic is worthy of serious discussion and consideration here on my blog: what should a can of soda from the work soda machine cost? Don’t laugh! There’s simply no way a can […]

Unfriending People On Facebook

When scanning your Facebook news feed, do you ever run across posts that infuriate you? Do you have certain trollers that always jump in on your posts and make comments that get your goat? Did you make Facebook friends with a stranger a year or two ago, and now you wonder why you’re staring at […]

The Bud Light Blind Date Ad – Yay or Nay?

As Mark Reardon sat in front of his TV watching the first and second round of the NCAA basketball tournament, he claims to have been tormented by the spectre of the Bud Light ad you see above. He contacted me and asked what I thought of the ad, and I told him we likely had […]

Birth of a Meme – Why Did The Harlem Shake Take Off?

In a scant eight days, the Harlem Shake went from a song that was released in August 2012 to an crowdsourced international YouTube phenomenon. One can claim to be sick of this meme, but 1 billion YouTube views and over 300,000 versions later, I’m thinking that all of us watched at least a few Harlem […]

The Harlem Shake – Discussion with Mark Reardon and Kenny Wallace

My appearances on the Mark Reardon Show on 1120AM KMOX Radio are supposed to be debates. Mark and I are supposed to disagree on something, and then we appropriately agitate each other for eight or so minutes. However, when it comes to the Harlem Shake, we are in agreement. We’re tired, weary, we want it […]

Debate with Mark Reardon – Why the Cadillac ATS Commercials Are No Good

As these debates are normally born, stuff was said on Twitter. @rizzotees Your over the top hatred for the Cadillac ATS commercial didn’t stop it from being North American Car of the year! #blahaha — Mark Reardon (@MarkReardonKMOX) January 14, 2013 @markreardonkmox It’s an amazing car. The commercial is sucky. Let’s debate!!! — Chris Reimer […]