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Defining Success Podcast With Zeb Welborn

I recently appeared on Zeb Welborn’s podcast “Defining Success.” We talked for about 40 minutes, covering entrepreneurship, networking and social media. Thank you Zeb for the invitation, and I hope to return when my book debuts.


What I’m Going To Figure Out In 2013

There is a social media engagement continuum on which I must determine where I fall. 

On the one side, there's Seth Godin and his blog with no comments and his robotic, broadcast-only Twitter account. On the other side, there's full, head-on engagement and all of the battles and criticisms that go along with that. For 2013, I want to figure out where my clients and I stand on this issue. Does the sting of criticism (we're human, after all) mean that I should pull back a bit? Or does my future rely on my tribe, my network … so much so that I need to remain fully engaged?

Hit play and have a listen.

What’s Going On With Rizzo Tees? An Update

I started Rizzo Tees back in 2007 with the entrepreneurial dream of growing it out of control. I wanted to build a big, strong, healthy business, and of course I wanted to leave my CPA/Accounting life behind. While Rizzo Tees remains small today, I was able to escape the accounting world over two years ago. I’ve mentioned this several times (here and here), but I can say it once more: you have no idea what this career change has truly meant to me.

What of Rizzo Tees now? I’ve had a few people tell me they’ve noticed a change in my content output over the last year. They say I’ve moved away from t-shirt promotion and more towards discussion of new media strategy. I believe they are right. I’d say my job at Falk Harrison has a great deal to do with that. Finally, a job that I can enjoy!

Rizzo Tees remains in business, tees are still in stock and people are still buying them (especially the bacon ones). But my interests have changed in important ways. Listen to the podcast below to hear more about the direction I’m headed.

Click here for the 5-minute podcast.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

My Interview with Jason Robinson of The Orbz – AUCW – Undercover Weekend

Undercover WeekendHave a listen to my interview with Jason Robinson of The Orbz. They are preparing to cover Stone Temple Pilots as part of Michael Tomko’s “Undercover Weekend,” being held at The Firebird on September 9-10.

Twitter Must Get Rid Of Spam NOW

Twitter has a major problem. Spam is driving away quality users, and Twitter needs quality users (vs. mere quantity) if it wants to remain a go-to social media platform.

Have a listen to this 5-min podcast and tell me in the comments below if you agree with my thoughts on this.

Your Company’s Name Is On Top Of A Skyscraper, But You’re Not On Twitter?

Have a listen to this 45-second mini-podcast where I talk about a prominent company with its name adorning the top of a skyscraper. I was unable to find them on Twitter. No Twitter account, and no chatter about their brand. I find the marketing juxtaposition a bit odd.

———> LISTEN HERE <———-

What Is Your Five Year Plan?

Have a listen to this 3-minute podcast on my thoughts regarding your five year plan. Sneak preview: I think this is a silly question now, and I don’t try to plan this far ahead.

——-> HERE IT IS <——-

My Body Is Changing

Have a listen to this 1-minute podcast and find out how my body is changing… it’s not what you think!

>>>>>>>> LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE <<<<<<<<

Let me know what you think about the societal and cultural acceptability of my new electronic appendage.

Put A Great Team On The Field By Paying Attention To Personality Fit

Have a listen to this short little podcast on what kind of employee companies should be searching for. Hint: it has nothing to do with Harvard or mind-blowing résumés.

Does Your Business Have “Permanence?”

Have a listen to my latest mini-podcast that asks the question “Does Your Business Have Permanence?”

My take here is this: if you’re just starting out in business, don’t be something you’re not. Don’t tell your customers that you have a 10-person support staff when it’s just you in your basement doing all the work.  Be yourself, and be honest – yeah, it’s just you bootstrapping your business. Your customers will appreciate your hustle.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an awesome storefront, an great-looking website, and top-notch customer service.  You can look like you’ve been there for awhile. I had my website built by experts to look good and operate smoothly. Besides having great customer service and a painless buying experience for your customer, it’s quite important to project confidence and “permanence.”  My example at the end of the podcast… when I see a restaurant have a custom neon sign made with their restaurant’s name, I know they mean buisness!

To me, those are the restaurants that I give a better chance of surviving.  So often, consumers are followers, and if they don’t think anyone’s going to your restaurant, they may think it’s not going to be around much longer.  They then might just assume that your food is no good.  And they might not come in.  I encourage all small business owners to budget for “permanence” – a great website, a remarkable sign out front, a clean store – care about your product and your customer service, but care about these things too.