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Defining Success Podcast With Zeb Welborn

I recently appeared on Zeb Welborn’s podcast “Defining Success.” We talked for about 40 minutes, covering entrepreneurship, networking and social media. Thank you Zeb for the invitation, and I hope to return when my book debuts.


Interview with Nick Ruiz of Recycled GoGetter

I was pleased to do this nearly one hour interview with Nick Ruiz of Recycled GoGetter. Enjoy!

(link to his post, in case the embedded video above does not cooperate)

My Interview With Travis Sheridan

Link to the interview, in case the embedded video above doesn’t play.

More information on OverFundIt here.

Thanks Travis!

Brand Against The Machine – John Morgan’s New Book Redefines Branding

I had the great pleasure of interviewing John Morgan, author of the new book Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition (Amazon affiliate link). I got to know John through Twitter, and he was gracious enough to send me a pre-release copy of the book.

As I admit in the video, I am only about halfway through the book (I suck at finding time to read). However, just like Rework (affiliate link again), you can pick this book up and grab awesome nuggets of information without having to wade through 20-page chapters. It’s written in my kind of style: short to-the-point chapters that don’t ramble on.

In this interview, John reveals the road traveled from teenager with confidence issues to author and public speaker, what it took to get a book deal, and why companies need to think of branding in a much different way.

Thank you John for giving me an hour of your Sunday, and for being so open and honest during this interview. I hope this book goes huge for you. Finally, thank you for the advice you gave me. I hope to repeat your great success.

Below is an affiliate link:

Union Tree Review Interview for Undercover Weekend 5

Union Tree Review decided to cover Marvin Gaye for Undercover Weekend because, well, he’s silky smooth. Undercover Weekend is this weekend at The Firebird – ten bands, two nights, and Mike Tomko presiding? It wins.

Where to find UTR:

Try Google
Matt Strom (ilikescience) on Twitter
Tawaine Noah (@nervousclub) on Twitter
Jordan Howe (@WantonPrivateer) on Twitter

My Interview with Jason Robinson of The Orbz – AUCW – Undercover Weekend

Undercover WeekendHave a listen to my interview with Jason Robinson of The Orbz. They are preparing to cover Stone Temple Pilots as part of Michael Tomko’s “Undercover Weekend,” being held at The Firebird on September 9-10.

Interviews, Videos, And Appearances

Here’s a compendium of recent interviews, videos, and appearances I’ve done. Thanks to everyone that requested these interviews. I greatly enjoyed speaking with each of you.

1. Torrey McGraw interviewed me for his new entrepreneur website Grind and Thrive. As he readily admitted to me, yes his head was a bit off-center in the video. It doesn’t matter! We still had a great conversation, and we’ll probably have to do a part two.

2. Owen McGab Enaohwo of Hire Your Virtual Assistant interviewed me a few months ago. He asked some very specific questions about how I was able to build a personal brand and a t-shirt business while working a full-time job. And I reveal something in this interview that I’ve never publicly revealed before. (The audio on this one sounds like I’m in a cave (or in a Peter Frampton song), and the sound track doesn’t match the movement of my mouth. Nevertheless, it’s still a good interview!)

3. Russ Henneberry of Tiny Business Mighty Profits did a podcast interview with me. We discussed business use of social media, and why the numbers sometimes don’t matter.

4. As part of our #SavePratzels campaign, I appeared on the Mason and Remy show on 93.7 The Bull. As I’ve been saying, all we need now is a buyer!

5. Jon Falk and I discuss me joining Falk Harrison. We talk about how it happened, what each of us were thinking in the year leading up to my hiring, and what we plan on doing for our clients.

6. This is from a few months back, but I had a blast being on David Siteman Garland’s show The Rise To The Top.

7. Back in December, I did a tiny little podcast about how my body is changing (hint: it’s my iPhone’s fault)

8. As part of Webster University’s Walker Speaker Series, I participated in a social media panel discussion. Thanks to Patrick Powers for inviting me to speak, Charla Lord for facilitating my appearance, and to Dean Akande for deftly handling the emcee duties.

Please contact me at rizzotees [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com if you’d like to interview me, too.

Rizzo Tees Interviewed By Russ Henneberry At Tiny Business Mighty Profits (TBMP) Radio

I was honored to be interviewed by the great Russ Henneberry as part of his Tiny Business, Mighty Profits radio show. It’s about 45 minutes long – sit back and have listen.

Have a listen to the interview here.

And THANK YOU RUSS! Be sure to follow Russ on Twitter.

Rizzo Tees Interview on Design Juices

As part of Design Juices’ 12 Days Of Xmas Giveaway, have a read of my interview with Jared Thompson, el presidente of Design Juices. I’m proud to be featured on this, the 8th day of Xmas!

Be sure to check out the giveaway here.

My Interview On The Rise To The Top

Recently I did a Skype video interview with my good friend David Siteman Garland, which he posted on his website, The Rise To The Top. I was honored to be featured on his site, and judging by the amount of retweets and Facebook shares, it’s been one of his most popular interviews ever. Quite humbling, I have to say.

I’d like to keep the momentum going. For those of you on Facebook and Twitter, I invite you to go tweet out the interview

—-> HERE <—-

… or just watch it below if you’re lazy lol. Thanks to everyone for your support!