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Birth of a Meme – Why Did The Harlem Shake Take Off?

In a scant eight days, the Harlem Shake went from a song that was released in August 2012 to an crowdsourced international YouTube phenomenon. One can claim to be sick of this meme, but 1 billion YouTube views and over 300,000 versions later, I’m thinking that all of us watched at least a few Harlem Shake videos. (I never made one, and I’m sort of proud of this).

I posted this article from Social Media Today that explains what happened over those eight days. My good buddy Mark Reardon from KMOX saw the article, and asked if I wanted to come on to discuss. I cannot say no to Mark.

Have a listen here, and let me know what you think in the comments below. In the off chance the link does not work, here’s a link to the story page on KMOX’s website.

The Harlem Shake – Discussion with Mark Reardon and Kenny Wallace

My appearances on the Mark Reardon Show on 1120AM KMOX Radio are supposed to be debates. Mark and I are supposed to disagree on something, and then we appropriately agitate each other for eight or so minutes. However, when it comes to the Harlem Shake, we are in agreement. We’re tired, weary, we want it to end. Just make it stop!

So we decided to just have a discussion where we would agree that the Harlem Shake cannot exit the public consciousness fast enough.

And then, he springs a surprise guest on me! Actually, he kind of hinted at his intentions.

All’s well that ends well. :-)