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Be More Like Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson had never won a British Open. High pressure, I guess. Five strokes back entering the final round, and history shows that he is really good at finishing second in majors. Yet, he smiles while out on the course. He gives his golf ball to a kid in the gallery while walking from 17 to 18. Phil’s reservedly high-fives and fist bumps everyone he can on that walk to 18. It’s the final hole of the final round of a major, and he was two strokes up. Phil stood on the tee box at 18, still with the biggest tee shot of his life ahead of him, and smiled. He showed a little humility and appreciation for the moment.

Tiger yells fuck and goddammit and all other sorts of words after poor shots (knowing there are microphones everywhere), and very rarely smiles. And this comes after his marital troubles, confession, and 2010 news conference where he said, “Character and decency are what really count.” He has 14 majors (which is admittedly no small feat). Phil had four, and now he has five.

I’d rather be Phil.

And, of course, there’s this

The Reality of Your Life is Always Now

What you truly have, without a doubt, is now. The reality of your life is always now. Do not continually hope to become happy in the future. Make your future arrive now.