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A Gay NFL Player? Dale Hansen Says We’re Going to Be Fine

“I don’t understand his world, but I do understand he’s part of mine.”

Love, No Matter What – Wonderful TED Talk by Andrew Solomon

This is a beautifully delivered message from author Andrew Solomon. Like him, I’d like to see everyone treated fairly, the same, without respect to how different the majority might deem them to be. When we discriminate against people because of their race, sex, age or sexual orientation, we are actually stunting the growth of our society. Great people are marginalized, left to wonder where they fit into a world that thinks they’re too different. Are such people even allowed to contribute everything they have to offer to society? When the answer is no, I just think that’s crazy.

Besides the many wars we’ll likely continue to be engaged in (the ones where we use UAVs and tanks and soldiers), I believe this is the greatest fight we as a species have before us.