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Workplace Horror Stories – My Appearance On The Mark Reardon Show on KMOX

Recently on Facebook, I posted about a restaurant in Jerusalem offering a 50% discount in exchange for the patron simply turning off their mobile phone. Then, I posted a request – give me your worst workplace horror stories – negative events that have happened in your working life, and my Facebook friends lit up the […]

Larry Conners and His Facebook Problem

I’ll spare you the details, as they’re available here, here, here, here, here and here. The summary is that local St. Louis TV anchor Larry Conners, who had been on the air for 34 years, was fired after alleging on his work Facebook page that a 2012 interview he did with President Obama drew the […]

Unfriending People On Facebook

When scanning your Facebook news feed, do you ever run across posts that infuriate you? Do you have certain trollers that always jump in on your posts and make comments that get your goat? Did you make Facebook friends with a stranger a year or two ago, and now you wonder why you’re staring at […]

Great Facebook Chat With My Bro

Social Media Explained With Donuts

I know there are various versions of this floating around the web. I like this one because: 1. It involves donuts. 2. It includes newer sites like Pinterest and Instagram 3. The G+ one is funny and unfortunately true (I’m still rooting for you Google+!) Source: Three Ships Media. I originally received it via a […]

Four Great January 2012 Blog Posts to Read

Playing the role of Internet DJ, here are four great blog posts worth reading. 1.) Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says that social media is a bright spot in the challenged world economy. “This is about growth, jobs and empowering people.” App makers, advertisers, small businesses and civic groups are all using Facebook to promote their […]

Google Plus Has a Problem

I like Google+. I think they’ve built a nice service, certainly eons ahead of Buzz. But Google+ has a problem. It’s called “173 > 3.” Not enough people are using it. I think competition is healthy (keep Facebook honest), so I sincerely hope G+ gains a stronger usership. Note that I did not say more […]

Will Young Generations Use Facebook?

I was pleasantly surprised to see record U.S. visitor numbers for Facebook and Twitter for the month of July. Well, I was very happy for Twitter (I tolerate Facebook). I watched with anticipation as the new beast on the block, Google Plus, made it’s exclusive invite-only debut. It took off like a rocket, and engagement […]

Facebook Terms Of Service In Bro Speak

Facebook’s Terms of Service are so long and, like, hard to read. It’s as if they were written by attorneys or something. But don’t we, like, need to know what’s contained therein in order to protect ourselves? Thank you strangers that I don’t know for translating Facebook’s Terms of Service into Bro Speak. It’s epic. […]

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