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Eliminate the Online Distractions in Your Life

Someone or something online bothering you? Eliminate it. Slice it out of your life with no remorse. Take a walk, breathe fresh air, and return to doing YOUR work. We all have a shortage of time – never enough time to get it all done.

Ignore meaningless external stimuli, as there is clearly no shortage of that.

To the very best of your ability, circumstances willing, focus on your work, and toil diligently to shut out the trash talk, the insults, THE COMMENTS SECTION! None of that helps you achieve anything except feeling like crap.

And in the irony of all ironies, I invite you to DISCUSS IT HERE ON FACEBOOK.

Workplace Horror Stories – My Appearance On The Mark Reardon Show on KMOX

Recently on Facebook, I posted about a restaurant in Jerusalem offering a 50% discount in exchange for the patron simply turning off their mobile phone.

Then, I posted a request – give me your worst workplace horror stories – negative events that have happened in your working life, and my Facebook friends lit up the thread. Wow, go read the comments.

Anyway, my good buddy Mark Reardon of KMOX Radio fame saw both posts and asked me to come in. I wasn’t sure which we’d talk about, but we touched upon both. As always, thank you for having me in! See you next time.

(look for the little play button near the bottom of the page)

Larry Conners and His Facebook Problem

I’ll spare you the details, as they’re available here, here, here, here, here and here. The summary is that local St. Louis TV anchor Larry Conners, who had been on the air for 34 years, was fired after alleging on his work Facebook page that a 2012 interview he did with President Obama drew the ire of the IRS. As the IRS is currently in some hot water for allegedly targeting right-leaning groups, this charge is not as crazy as it sounds.

It turns out that the IRS had started working Larry over several years previous to the Obama interview. This made his Facebook post look a little funny, and after some deliberation, KMOV terminated him. I joined Mark Reardon to discuss the situation, including a very important distinction to make: did Larry run into a Facebook problem, or a personal judgement problem that just so happened to play out on Facebook?

As always, thanks Mark for having me on your show.


And here’s a link to my friend Aaron Perlut’s piece on

Unfriending People On Facebook

unfriending people on Facebook

When scanning your Facebook news feed, do you ever run across posts that infuriate you? Do you have certain trollers that always jump in on your posts and make comments that get your goat? Did you make Facebook friends with a stranger a year or two ago, and now you wonder why you’re staring at their meaningless updates?

Mark Reardon was in a ornery mood one night, and started unfriending the jokers in his Facebook news feed. In this radio debate, I explain to him that there’s no reason to be a big meanie. There’s a more humane way to silence the knuckleheads on Facebook.

Take a listen here to my KMOX radio interview with Mark and let me know what you think.

Great Facebook Chat With My Bro


Social Media Explained With Donuts

Social Media Explained

I know there are various versions of this floating around the web. I like this one because:

1. It involves donuts.
2. It includes newer sites like Pinterest and Instagram
3. The G+ one is funny and unfortunately true (I’m still rooting for you Google+!)

Source: Three Ships Media. I originally received it via a Falk Harrison coworker’s email.

Four Great January 2012 Blog Posts to Read

Internet DJ

Playing the role of Internet DJ, here are four great blog posts worth reading.

1.) Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says that social media is a bright spot in the challenged world economy. “This is about growth, jobs and empowering people.” App makers, advertisers, small businesses and civic groups are all using Facebook to promote their work and connect with people. And Facebook is the number two driver of web traffic (guess who’s #1).

2.) Author and friend John Morgan offers 10 reasons we won’t support your business. So much of it seems like common sense, but alas, it is not. See numbers 2, 7 and 10.

3.) Mitch Joel is thinking smarter. He asks us to think about where our learning is taking place. The digital generation (which I just barely squeaked into!) is learning on their iPhones and iPads. As Joel writes, “Every day, new content comes online that can and will make you smarter.” For example, if you want to know how to start a t-shirt company, you can ask me “How did you start your t-shirt company?” Or you can thoroughly research the subject via Google and ask me the very specific left-over questions you have. Technology has made it possible to “set your own curriculum,” Joel says. Do that!

4.) Chris Brogan gives a fantastic list: 97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform. I read this from a personal branding perspective. Your personal brand is being more heavily weighted by employers every day. There will come a day (we’re close) when CPA firms will hire junior auditors and consider their social graph when doing so. If I’m hiring, I want to know about your valuable platform and how you plan on using it to help me advance my business agenda. It’s less about being a clock-watching cog in the wheel and more about being a team member. For me, this piece is another “Beethoven’s 9th Symphony” post from Brogan. Read it twice.

Google Plus Has a Problem

I like Google+. I think they’ve built a nice service, certainly eons ahead of Buzz. But Google+ has a problem. It’s called “173 > 3.” Not enough people are using it. I think competition is healthy (keep Facebook honest), so I sincerely hope G+ gains a stronger usership. Note that I did not say more “users,” which is a metric social platforms often cite. It is irrelevant how many people have signed up for the service. All of those people with Google+ accounts are currently over on Twitter and Facebook. Larry Page recently said Google+ has 90 million users. Have any of you asked the same question I have when using Google+: Where is everybody? (echo, echo…..)

Google Plus

I was talking with Jason Williams at lunch and told him my litmus test for Google+: I want to be able to say something meaningful on Google+ and get some kind of response within 5 minutes. Either a reply comment or a +1 would do. I can get that on Facebook. I can certainly get that on Twitter. I was getting that on Google+ when it debuted, because we were all on Google+ trying it out. Daily social media users are not sufficiently using Google+.

After completing my blog post, Marc Brooks brought this doozy to my attention (sorry, ignore the repeat of the image above):

Yes, as of his screen capture, 924,000 people had Facebook liked the VW Star Wars Super Bowl invite, and 794 had +1’ed it. That’s over 116,000% more Facebook likes than +1’s. Google Hangouts are quite amazing, integration of Google+ in search results is neat, but these numbers are surely causing consternation at Google.

This is bad:

Will Young Generations Use Facebook?

I was pleasantly surprised to see record U.S. visitor numbers for Facebook and Twitter for the month of July. Well, I was very happy for Twitter (I tolerate Facebook). I watched with anticipation as the new beast on the block, Google Plus, made it’s exclusive invite-only debut. It took off like a rocket, and engagement was strong. Things have tapered off a bit there, while I’ve seen a renewed interest in Facebook and Twitter. Just my observations as a heavy daily user of the platforms.

My 15 year old neighbor is NOT rooting for Facebook. I asked him whether he uses it or not, and he said, “NO, it’s stupid. I don’t have an account. Facebook is stupid.” When I inquired as to why he felt that way, he said “Because it’s like jail.”

His reasons for making this analogy?

1. You get poked by strange men you don’t know. (I’ve never been to jail, but I’ve heard stories.)

2. You write on people’s walls. (To be fair, I see prisoners in movies writing on their own walls, or scratching messages into their walls with shanks, but I digress).

3. You sit around all day and do nothing.

4. You have a profile picture (AKA a mug shot).

I enjoyed his take on the matter, and then it dawned on me. Will Facebook ever snag him as a user? And how many more young people like him are out there? I’d venture to say if all of his best friends were using Facebook, he would be too. Is there an up-and-coming generation that’s Post-Facebook? And what does that mean for Facebook’s future?

Facebook Terms Of Service In Bro Speak

Facebook’s Terms of Service are so long and, like, hard to read. It’s as if they were written by attorneys or something. But don’t we, like, need to know what’s contained therein in order to protect ourselves?

Thank you strangers that I don’t know for translating Facebook’s Terms of Service into Bro Speak. It’s epic.

WARNING – there is cursing involved here. Do not click on that link above and start reading if you don’t like offensive language.