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Focus on the Customer, Not the KPI

Should a business focus on its customers, or the ROI of the strategies it implements and the KPIs their employees are responsible for monitoring and exceeding? I’m sure this is overly simplistic, and perhaps these need not be mutually exclusive, but I gravitate towards the former. An obsessive focus on those you serve often results […]

Which Steve Would You Rather Be?

This is NOT a trick question. Yes, one is unfortunately no longer with us – that’s not the crux of the question. Which Steve is best representing his brand? Dumbing it down even further, which Steve can you tolerate?

Samsung advertises on #iPhone5 Twitter stories, trying to make back that $1bn

When Have You Reached Your Communication Objectives?

Answer? When you’ve said enough. I’ve always thought this video was pure genius – a perfect example of how differently these two companies think. One has an incredibly strong brand and trusts its customers. The other… well, just watch the video. You might argue that the piece, while humorous, is unfair to Microsoft. Interestingly enough, […]

Apple Computers Used to Make Unique Art

My friend Mike Tomko used to have an alert on his phone that would remind him to “Do Something Awesome” every day. Clearly, these fellas are thinking the same way. People have always done unique things, expressed themselves… but the Internet makes it easier for all of us to enjoy their expression. In this video […]

How I Got My iPad 2 And The Lesson Learned

The Green Light. That’s what I got from my wife after a somewhat lengthy discussion about the reasons I wanted to purchase an iPad 2. “Do you need this?” she asked. “Need?” I responded. “No, I don’t need this. I would survive without it. It seems like something that someone in my profession should have, […]

Travel The World And Follow A Current Event Using Twitter

Here’s a fun tip for following a current event on Twitter. 1. Boot up 2. Do a search for your current event AND a Twitter pic sharing service. For instance, today is iPad 2 release day. There are people all around the country and world waiting in ridiculously long lines. Using Search.Twitter, here are […]