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This blog post serves several purposes:

1. It’s a compendium of reviews for my book Happywork. (mostly happy reviews, no doubt!)
2. It’s a compendium of podcasts, interviews, and recorded speaking engagements supporting the book.
3. It’s a repository for all the fun tweets flying around about the book.

Here we go!


Happywork on Goodreads
Amazon reviews of Happywork
8 Ways To Ruin Your Office Culture by Dave Kerpen (huge HUGE comments section here)
Travis Sheridan’s review
Adam Purcell’s review
Mike Stenger’s review
Joi Sigers’ review on
St Louis Staffing mentioned Happywork in a blog post – thank you Susan Martin!
Jeremy Nulik’s review on the KolbeCo blog – detailed and awesome


My appearance on the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX Radio
Marketing Profs with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone – Kerry, you’re the best!
Jeffrey Shaw’s Creative Warriors podcast – excellent questions here!
2 Regular Guys podcast – talking t-shirts, just like the old days.
Bud Hennekes’ A Boundless World podcast
Vernon Ross’ Social Strategy podcast – We went for 90 minutes!
Likeable Radio with Dave Kerpen – download episode 59!
Will Hanke’s “Online Marketing: Navigating the Rapids” podcast
Culture Radio with John Gardner
The Entrepreneur’s Library with Wade Danielson – a fun chance to talk about the book for 15 minutes straight!
Deb Krier on Mile Hi Radio – take a listen, I think she only asked a few questions. We just talked!
Mitch Matthews’ Dream, Think, Do podcast – coming soon


LINK to video, in case the above player doesn’t work


Dream tweet:

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Ello? I Discuss the Fledgling New Social Media Platform on Fox 2 TV with Angela Hutti

Ello was all the rage a few weeks ago. Invites were like solid gold, which only spread the word further that there was a new social media kid on the block (ready to take on Facebook, of course). People were even auctioning off invites on eBay. Now we’re not hearing as much about it. A few hot weeks, and now the place makes Google Plus look like Times Square? (yes a stretch, but I was on a caffeine-fueled rage when I wrote this).

Such is the way when we’re searching for the next big thing, the next viral phenomenon, and frankly, that’s what Ello’s up against as they face off against Twitter and Facebook for mindshare and human time. (You can say these sites are not in competition, but humans have 24 hours per unit, so those hours are what a social media platform has to capture. Yes, they have to compete for our time).

Ello is a new social media platform, designed and built by a group of graphic designers, and they’re trying to do things a bit differently, including making a few, shall I say, bold promises. No ads (EVER), and they’ll never sell your personal data. They recently reorganized the company as a Public Benefit Corporation, which tells me they’re serious about keeping their word.

Learn more here.

Do they have a chance? Honestly, who cares? That’s not a negative sentiment. What I mean to say – why not give these guys a chance to do something differently. I think the pundits ask the monetization question in a sort of “gotcha” way. Must everything we do be monetized? Maybe the founders are trying to shift our thinking on privacy, on data collection, on human communication. Maybe they’re trying to change the world. Hell, I’d love to change the world, and would require no compensation in return should I succeed. Guys, maybe this isn’t about the money. Maybe it’s about doing something amazing.

Thanks Angela for having me on.

Good luck, Ello.


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – My Appearance on Fox 2 TV

I recently appeared on Fox 2 TV with my good friend Angela Hutti to discuss the results of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was only about two weeks ago that I spoke at length on the Mark Reardon show about the Ice Bucket Challenge, and at that time, it seemed like it was just passing its prime. A few videos were still appearing, but they seemed to be quickly dissipating.

Sure enough, the videos quickly disappeared from our Facebook feeds. It came, it went, and it just rocked the nonprofit fundraising world. Last year, from July 29 to August 29, The ALSA raised $2.9 million. This year, same time period, it was over $100 million. Absolutely mindblowing, and I’ll be they can’t believe it themselves!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FOX 2 STORY, if you’re having trouble with the embedded video above. As always, thank you to everyone at Fox 2 for having me on.

Social Media Look Ahead for 2014

What are the social media trends we should be keeping an eye on during the coming year? I recently appeared on Fox 2 TV with Angela Hutti to provide my social media look ahead for 2014. We discussed Google Plus, Snapchat and Twitter. The discussion on Twitter at the end had to be cut short due to the station’s extensive storm coverage (#snOMG2014).

What do you think? Will Google Plus make strides this year? (I don’t think so). Can B2B brands find a use for Snapchat? (no clue, but they’ll try). Will Twitter find its way into more aspects of our daily lives? (yes, it will).


p.s. Here’s some more reading on Snapchat, courtesy of the 1/20/14 issue of Forbes.

Social Media Year in Review – 2013

Image courtesy of Aaron Perlut

Image courtesy of Aaron Perlut

I recently joined Angela Hutti on Fox 2 TV to discuss 2013’s social media trends. Here’s what I saw when I reflected on the year.

Mobile – More people are living their entire lives on their mobile devices. And they’re comfortable doing so.
Ads – Facebook rolled out ads in your newsfeed, and Instagram now has ads.
Hashtags – They’re in every commercial, on your TV screen while you watch your favorite show, and Facebook has adopted them.
Photos and Video – Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and Snapchat continue to rise.

Teens on Facebook – others are trying to refute this point. Trust me – this is a big deal to Facebook. Many kids turning 13 have mobile devices, but they’re using Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr instead of Facebook. Ask the teens you know if they are using Facebook. You will hear some “no’s.”

Or click here if the embedded video isn’t working for you

POSTSCRIPT: I’d also like to draw attention to this article. We didn’t have time to cover this during the interview, but I love Chez’s take on this. The Justine Sacco stuff is the icing on 2013’s cake.

Amy’s Baking Company – Social Media Etiquette and Advice For People That Desperately Need It

Gordon Ramsey has a show on Fox called “Kitchen Nightmares,” where struggling or failing restaurants come to be saved. I am assuming restaurants approach him, versus the other way around, and I am thinking they do this for at least two reasons: 1. To get actual help for a business that really needs it, and 2. To get some high-profile publicity. Mr. Ramsey’s show has been on the air since 2007, a fact of which I’ve been blissfully unaware. Anyway, as it is a “reality show,” I am sure the show’s producers chop up and paste together the footage to suit their needs, paint people in the light they want them to be in, and basically manipulate the story to their end. Lots of drama, yelling, slamming of fists on tables… Gordon Ramsey is not the quiet type.

And yet, for the first time ever, he walked off a show in production and said, “You people simply cannot be helped. You’re an impossible case. I’m OUTS.” He’s British; I’m paraphrasing.

After the episode aired, the fine folks at Reddit began having a field day with it. I guess Amy and Samy took exception to the fun being poked at them and melted down HARD on Facebook. This is not the first faux pas I’ve seen a company make on social media, but the breadth and depth of this freakout was notable. Multiple posts, cursing, name calling, ALL CAPS diatribes, directly interacting with people and calling them the worst of worst names… it took Facebook by storm.

Anyway, I had a chance to briefly talk about it on Fox 2 Now with Angela Hutti. My main piece of advice here was to sleep on it. This was not one of those crises that required an immediate response. No one likes to be ganged up on and called stupid and horrible. The Yelp reviews started getting so mean and fictional – just absolutely crazy things being said. As a business owner, this would infuriate me. And it’s possible that I’d be so angry, a night’s rest would do nothing for me. However, I have typed angry emails and saved as a draft, and each time I did so, I changed up the email the next day. NEVER have I said, “Yeah, that crazy stuff, sounds like exactly what I want to convey.” Rather, I’ve softened up the message every single time I’ve slept on it. If the crisis does not call for swift response, try responding after you’ve cooled down. Your calm brain thinks so differently than your agitated brain.

Here’s a page on Huffington Post with many screenshots (WARNING: graphic language), and here’s a Buzzfeed article with much of the same. Note: both contained Youtube versions of the show, but those videos have since been taken down.

Here’s a link to the story on Fox2Now, in case the embedded video above chooses not to cooperate.

Talking About Vine on Fox 2 TV

I recently appeared on Fox 2 Now with my good friend Angela Hutti to discuss the new video creation and sharing app called Vine. Watch the video, let me know what you think, and be sure to read by blog post on Vine on Falk Harrison’s blog.

Here’s a link to Fox 2’s story, in case the video embedded above decides not to work.

Sqwid – Social Hospitality Discussion with Pi Pizzeria Founder Chris Sommers

When dining at a restaurant, customers may be very happy with their meal, or they may be dissatisfied. Either way, they will often forgo expressing their feelings to the house manager and head straight to social media. Business owners can monitor such chatter via any number of online reputation management and monitoring tools, but merely locating the chatter is not enough.

Chris Sommers, founder and owner of Pi Pizzeria, identified a need to better serve his customers that happen to use social media, and worked with developers to build a new social hospitality tool called Sqwid. Business owners can respond to social media mentions from within Sqwid, and can include a clicakble reward in the response. This allows the business owner to interact with both happy and unhappy customers in a very powerful way. At the height of their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, the business owner is there with a reward, and the customer feels listened to. Chris walked me through the administrative panel of Sqwid (where the merchant operates the product), and from a business owner’s point of view, I have to say it’s pretty cool.

Another aspect of Sqwid that we did not discuss on air is a business’ marketing spend. Many are using daily deal sites right now to drive foot traffic, but there’s a problem. Many of the first-time customers are there because of the deal, and they will not return. Often, they do not properly tip their servers because they calculate gratuity on the discounted tab. And the business basically receives 25 cents on the dollar over a 60 day period. If you don’t run the numbers and don’t understand your costs, using a daily deal site can be financially devastating to your business. Using a service like Sqwid is a different kind of marketing spend – you use it to strengthen your existing relationships. When publicly taking care of customers online, everyone else can see how you handle your business, and may decide your business is worth patronizing. That is a profitable way to increase visibility and foot traffic.

Thanks to Angela Hutti for having us on the air, and thank you Chris Sommers for the Pi Pizzeria award. I’m writing this blog post on a Saturday morning at 10:30am, and frankly I’m surprised I haven’t already redeemed the award. Time for breakfast hours at Pi!

Here’s a link to the story on Fox 2’s website, in case the embedded video above does not cooperate.

Google Plus – Discussing on Fox 2 TV

Google+ is a point of contention among social media nerds (like me). “It’s a ghost town.” “It is NOT a ghost town – if you spent some time using it, you’d figure that out.” “There’s no one there.” “There are 100,000,000 active monthly users.” “I can’t get any engagement there.” “I have deeper, more meaningful discussions on G+.”

In the 3 or so minutes I had, I tried to paint an accurate picture of the current state of Google Plus. What do you think?

BTW, here’s a great Google+ thread (WITH interaction) on my Fox 2 appearance, started by one of G+’s biggest champions, Dano Hart.

Here’s a link to the video on Fox 2’s website, in case the video embedded above doesn’t play.

Pinterest – My Appearance on Fox 2 TV

Thanks again to Angela Hutti and Fox 2 TV for having me in. This time we discussed the social media phenomenon known as Pinterest.

A link to the story on Fox 2’s site is here, and you can follow me on Pinterest here.