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Happywork Reviews, Happywork Podcasts, Happywork Tweets, Happywork Everything!

This blog post serves several purposes: 1. It's a compendium of reviews for my book Happywork. (mostly happy reviews, no doubt!) 2. It's a compendium of podcasts, interviews, and recorded speaking engagements supporting the book. 3. It's a … [Read more]

Two Quotes I Live By

I once did a monstrous blog post entitled "The 50 Tweets That Businesses Should Be Doing." It was my far-reaching attempt to coax clients (and you) onto Twitter. "We don't have anything to tweet about," I'd often hear. Nonsense. You have much to … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 36: Psychometric Testing is Stupid

  In Episode 36 of Happywork TV, I discuss one of the commitments in the work code of conduct I've created called "The Happywork Agreement." Here it is: "Personality tests - sometimes referred to as 'psychometric tests' - are stupid. They … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 35: Thank You Chris Brogan!

  In the video below, I give a huge thank you to Chris Brogan for everything he's taught me and done for me. It's more than just the blurb on the back cover of my book. Back when he blogged on a near-daily basis, I read every single post … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 34: Thank You David Siteman Garland!

  David Siteman Garland, host of the online show The Rise to the Top, gave me some advice in January 2010 that changed the trajectory of my career. For him, our coffee together might have been a throwaway moment. For me, it was a pivot point. … [Read more]

Happywork eBook is Now Available – Kindle, NOOK Book, and iTunes

  I am pleased to announce that the eBook version of Happywork is now available! We're up on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK Book, and iTunes. I'm having trouble finding my book on iTunes via search, but this link should get you … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 33: Thank You Designers!

  In Episode 33 of Happywork TV, I say thank you to three artists who helped me with the design and look of my book Happywork. Steve Hartman (@creativille on Twitter) did the front cover design of my book. Judging from the reviews I've been … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 32: Thank You Proofreaders!

In Episode 32 of Happywork TV, I say thank you to some people who lent me a huge hand as I was working to finish my book. Thank you to my proofreaders: Jenn Cloud, Greg Bussmann, Dave Gray, Eliot Frick, Mary Steinau, my mom, and my wife. Thank … [Read more]

Happywork Pre-Sale Book Launch is a GO!

In what might be the worst-kept secret ever, my book Happywork is debuting in less than a month (as of the time of this posting). FREAK. OUT! February 17 is the big day, the countdown clock is on, and I'm nervous, excited, and ready. I can't wait to … [Read more]

Book Review: Zombie Loyalists by Peter Shankman

Companies often churn through customers. Terrible and scary, but true. Through bad customer service (along with lousy product, weak branding, and a host of other challenges), the good customers leave, and new ones have to be harvested. In fact, … [Read more]