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New Book

Since entering the business world in 1995, I have been concerned by the way humans interact at work. Frankly, I’m really worried that we mistreat each other just about every place we hang out: at home, on the subway, online, at school and at work. However, our struggle to be civil and happy at work especially interests me.

My mission with this as-of-yet untitled book is to put the currency of kindness and civility into circulation at our places of work. Our happiness is the desired result. 70% of people are unhappy with their jobs? We need to be happier at work!

Civility in the business world, and the world at large, continues on its rapid decline. People aren’t happy at work, and that’s if they actually have a job! I think we’re running around as a bunch of individuals, only looking out for ourselves. That’s a rough way to start building a happy, productive team. Compounding the problem, our deep-seated and inherent differences (religion, race, sexual orientation, politics, wealth, and job title) are destructive wedges we drive between ourselves. None of this should keep us from respecting each other and working well together, but all cause us to come at each other with a simultaneously defensive and offensive posture.

Those differences will always be present. So what should we do next? We need to see things from other people’s point of view, respect diversity rather than allow it to anger us, and open ourselves up to getting to know people not like us (which, by the way, includes most of the people we work with). How can we jumpstart this process of peace, love and happiness at work?

I propose we try using a tool I have created – it’s a work code of conduct containing commitments that employers and their employees will make to each other. These commitments are designed to foster respect, a frictionless work flow, and should result in, at the very least, people not dreading their jobs. At most, they might even look forward to plying their craft at work. Happiness could result.

I finished a manuscript, and had readers and editors tear it apart. I was able to complete a strong draft, and I sent that to my publisher in early February. We have more editing to do, a cover to design, and the marketing plan needs to be designed and executed. I’m told the book will hit the streets in February 2015. I will have more information to share soon. Stay tuned!