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Thinking About Death

I recently tweeted out an article from The Atlantic titled “What Good Is Thinking About Death?

Mark Reardon, my radio buddy from KMOX 1120 here in St Louis, saw the article and had me in the studio to discuss, of all things, DEATH. Not always the best subject, but the stoics may have been on to something. Facing death gives us the chance to really live while we’re living!


And click here to laugh about death:

Best and Worst Christmas Presents Ever


I’m sure you’ve noticed that, for the past few months, I’ve been blogging/vlogging heavily about Happywork, and Happywork TV, and happiness in the workplace. This blog of mine hasn’t been a terribly content-diverse place as of late.

Yes, spreading the word about Happywork is a super-important mission in my life, but so is having fun. I enjoy going on Mark Reardon‘s radio show on KMOX, even if we’re not talking about social media or solving the world’s problems.

As we approach Christmas, I was thinking about buying gifts for my loved ones, and that got me considering this: what would I deem the best and the worst Christmas presents I’ve ever received? Identifying the best present ever is so easy – it’s no contest. Mark and I had to think hard to come up with what we might consider the worst present ever. Neither of us has ever received anything terribly offensive, but we came up with some good stories. And we took some calls, and the callers had a few winners. Who gives their daughter-in-law a potscrubber for Christmas?

Take a listen below, and Happy Holidays to all of you. Thank you for being a friend of mine.


Ello? I Discuss the Fledgling New Social Media Platform on Fox 2 TV with Angela Hutti

Ello was all the rage a few weeks ago. Invites were like solid gold, which only spread the word further that there was a new social media kid on the block (ready to take on Facebook, of course). People were even auctioning off invites on eBay. Now we’re not hearing as much about it. A few hot weeks, and now the place makes Google Plus look like Times Square? (yes a stretch, but I was on a caffeine-fueled rage when I wrote this).

Such is the way when we’re searching for the next big thing, the next viral phenomenon, and frankly, that’s what Ello’s up against as they face off against Twitter and Facebook for mindshare and human time. (You can say these sites are not in competition, but humans have 24 hours per unit, so those hours are what a social media platform has to capture. Yes, they have to compete for our time).

Ello is a new social media platform, designed and built by a group of graphic designers, and they’re trying to do things a bit differently, including making a few, shall I say, bold promises. No ads (EVER), and they’ll never sell your personal data. They recently reorganized the company as a Public Benefit Corporation, which tells me they’re serious about keeping their word.

Learn more here.

Do they have a chance? Honestly, who cares? That’s not a negative sentiment. What I mean to say – why not give these guys a chance to do something differently. I think the pundits ask the monetization question in a sort of “gotcha” way. Must everything we do be monetized? Maybe the founders are trying to shift our thinking on privacy, on data collection, on human communication. Maybe they’re trying to change the world. Hell, I’d love to change the world, and would require no compensation in return should I succeed. Guys, maybe this isn’t about the money. Maybe it’s about doing something amazing.

Thanks Angela for having me on.

Good luck, Ello.


Loving Soccer is Unamerican, According to Mark Reardon

Mark Reardon thinks soccer is Communist, and of course he’s crazy. But at least he let me plug my book. I always love going on KMOX radio – thanks so much Mark for having me in.

Let it be known – soccer is an awesome spectator sport!

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The New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – My Discussion With Mark Reardon on KMOX Radio

iPhone comparison

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are scheduled to ship any day now. The 6 is a 4.7″ phone, while the 6 Plus is a 5.5″ monster phablet. Which one am I going to buy? I am still undecided, but that big phone is so tempting. I use my phone for email, tweeting, texting, photography, and Netflix. A big screen would make all of these activities more awesome. Most calls I take on it, I’m using my Bose QC-15 over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones (which truly means I don’t care about how I look when taking calls!). Therefore, I’m not holding the phone up to my ear. And besides, as I said on-air, not sure I really care how I look with the phone.

Mark Reardon saw me post the above photo on my Facebook page, which depicts my 3.5″ iPhone 4S and visual cutout representations of the two new iPhones, and called me in to talk about the two new iPhones.


Or click here if the above mp3 file isn’t working for you.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – My Appearance on Fox 2 TV

I recently appeared on Fox 2 TV with my good friend Angela Hutti to discuss the results of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was only about two weeks ago that I spoke at length on the Mark Reardon show about the Ice Bucket Challenge, and at that time, it seemed like it was just passing its prime. A few videos were still appearing, but they seemed to be quickly dissipating.

Sure enough, the videos quickly disappeared from our Facebook feeds. It came, it went, and it just rocked the nonprofit fundraising world. Last year, from July 29 to August 29, The ALSA raised $2.9 million. This year, same time period, it was over $100 million. Absolutely mindblowing, and I’ll be they can’t believe it themselves!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FOX 2 STORY, if you’re having trouble with the embedded video above. As always, thank you to everyone at Fox 2 for having me on.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Click below to listen to my most recent appearance on the Mark Reardon show on KMOX 1120. We discussed the super-successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge charitable campaign that’s generated well over $60mm in donations, and even more visibility and awareness. Has the backlash begun? How did this campaign take off? When people refuse to do the challenge, what does that say about them and the campaign? Is wearing a hat for the challenge cheating? (I kid, Mark. I kid ’cause I love). Mark and I try to cover these topics in the 11 minutes we have together.

As always, thank you for having me on! And thanks to Dave Cline for sending me this mp3 file.

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Texting and Driving – Dangerous!

Chris Reimer on the Mark Reardon show

A few months ago, I joined Mark Reardon on KMOX for a discussion on texting and driving. He noted that I posted about the subject on Facebook and foolishly challenged me to a debate.

In all seriousness, I always enjoy going on Mark’s show, and I hope you enjoy the discussion we had. And I must thank him for allowing me to shamelessly plug my upcoming book Happywork, releasing on February 17, 2015.


Social Media Look Ahead for 2014

What are the social media trends we should be keeping an eye on during the coming year? I recently appeared on Fox 2 TV with Angela Hutti to provide my social media look ahead for 2014. We discussed Google Plus, Snapchat and Twitter. The discussion on Twitter at the end had to be cut short due to the station’s extensive storm coverage (#snOMG2014).

What do you think? Will Google Plus make strides this year? (I don’t think so). Can B2B brands find a use for Snapchat? (no clue, but they’ll try). Will Twitter find its way into more aspects of our daily lives? (yes, it will).


p.s. Here’s some more reading on Snapchat, courtesy of the 1/20/14 issue of Forbes.

Social Media Year in Review – 2013

Image courtesy of Aaron Perlut

Image courtesy of Aaron Perlut

I recently joined Angela Hutti on Fox 2 TV to discuss 2013’s social media trends. Here’s what I saw when I reflected on the year.

Mobile – More people are living their entire lives on their mobile devices. And they’re comfortable doing so.
Ads – Facebook rolled out ads in your newsfeed, and Instagram now has ads.
Hashtags – They’re in every commercial, on your TV screen while you watch your favorite show, and Facebook has adopted them.
Photos and Video – Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and Snapchat continue to rise.

Teens on Facebook – others are trying to refute this point. Trust me – this is a big deal to Facebook. Many kids turning 13 have mobile devices, but they’re using Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr instead of Facebook. Ask the teens you know if they are using Facebook. You will hear some “no’s.”

Or click here if the embedded video isn’t working for you

POSTSCRIPT: I’d also like to draw attention to this article. We didn’t have time to cover this during the interview, but I love Chez’s take on this. The Justine Sacco stuff is the icing on 2013’s cake.