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Love Each Other – A Powerful Message

You might not agree with everything he’s saying, but this message about love, tolerance, and compassion is worth consuming.

Texting and Driving – Dangerous!

A few months ago, I joined Mark Reardon on KMOX for a discussion on texting and driving. He noted that I posted about the subject on Facebook and foolishly challenged me to a debate. In all seriousness, I always enjoy going on Mark’s show, and I hope you enjoy the discussion we had. And I […]

A Gay NFL Player? Dale Hansen Says We’re Going to Be Fine

“I don’t understand his world, but I do understand he’s part of mine.”

One Tweet to a Life in Hell – The Justine Sacco Affair

Some people are scared to use social media. It seems too “Wild Wild West” to them. Some of those people are fearful of learning how to do it, some are scared to make a big mistake, and some wish for a simpler time when the definition of “friend” was narrower and “in the flesh.” As […]

Books I’m Recommending Tomorrow at My United Way Seminar

Tomorrow I’m conducting a social media seminar and Q&A at the United Way of Greater St. Louis. Attendees from United Way-funded organizations will hear me speak about social media, and then will fire several hours of questions at me. One thing I’ll be recommending off the bat is self-education. When working to understand social media, […]

Be More Like Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson had never won a British Open. High pressure, I guess. Five strokes back entering the final round, and history shows that he is really good at finishing second in majors. Yet, he smiles while out on the course. He gives his golf ball to a kid in the gallery while walking from 17 […]

Bertrand Russell – Love is Wise, Hatred is Foolish

Listen to the man! Love is wise, and hatred is foolish. “In this world which is getting more and more closely interconnected, we have to learn to tolerate each other. We have to learn to put up with the fact that some people say things that we don’t like. We can only live together in […]

The Reality of Your Life is Always Now

What you truly have, without a doubt, is now. The reality of your life is always now. Do not continually hope to become happy in the future. Make your future arrive now.

Racism Still Exists – ESPN Magazine Article

Well, this article was hard to get through. Italy’s racist soccer thugs are downright cruel to people of color. They hurl both insults and bananas at black players (even the ones that play for their home team). Yes, they throw bananas on the field. Racism is apparently alive and well. Kudos to Wright Thompson for […]

Love, No Matter What – Wonderful TED Talk by Andrew Solomon

This is a beautifully delivered message from author Andrew Solomon. Like him, I’d like to see everyone treated fairly, the same, without respect to how different the majority might deem them to be. When we discriminate against people because of their race, sex, age or sexual orientation, we are actually stunting the growth of our […]