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Eliminate the Online Distractions in Your Life

Someone or something online bothering you? Eliminate it. Slice it out of your life with no remorse. Take a walk, breathe fresh air, and return to doing YOUR work. We all have a shortage of time – never enough time to get it all done.

Ignore meaningless external stimuli, as there is clearly no shortage of that.

To the very best of your ability, circumstances willing, focus on your work, and toil diligently to shut out the trash talk, the insults, THE COMMENTS SECTION! None of that helps you achieve anything except feeling like crap.

And in the irony of all ironies, I invite you to DISCUSS IT HERE ON FACEBOOK.

Chris Reimer is Available For Hire

I don’t mean to darken your day, but I have some important news to share. Starting very soon, I’ll no longer be employed by Kaldi’s Coffee. Sad face emoji.

I had been hired to be Marketing Director of both Kaldi’s Coffee and a sister company, Honolulu Coffee (they have common ownership). Since my hire, needs of the two companies have changed, so my job is going away. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with some talented people, and to learn so much about something as wonderful as coffee. And it should be noted that, for now, I’m still employed there – Kaldi’s is giving me a chance to find something new and land on my feet. Simultaneously, over the past month, they allowed me to work on the release of my book without worrying about finding a way to pay our bills. I think that speaks highly of them.

It’s unfortunate things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Looking at it another way, this is an exciting time, as I’m officially a free agent. I’ve never looked for a job in this manner; my employment searches have always been private. This search needs to be public, as I want to give myself the best opportunity to find something great.

Here’s what I’m looking for: a marketing/communications job in St. Louis with a nonprofit organization, marketing agency, or a small-to-medium-sized company with a great team of people. My “particular set of skills” include: marketing, communication, PR, raising visibility and awareness of brands and causes, writing, improving workplace morale, and social media strategy. As many of you know, I used to be a CPA, so I also have knowledge of finance (and its impact on marketing, and vice versa).

I’m a passionate, motivational, award-winning storyteller who enjoys teaching, strategizing, and thinking about the big picture. As evidenced by my book Happywork, I’m a team player who’s not afraid of change (and if you’ve read this far, yes I enjoy long walks on the beach).

For anyone interested, you can learn more about my background and skills on my LinkedIn page, or on the About page of this website.

Please spread the word about my availability as you see fit, and keep your eyes and ears open for me. Life goes on, if you let it. Time to find the next great challenge! Lend a hand, if you can – thank you!

Happywork TV Episode 38: Don’t Haze or Hate on Departing Employees

In Episode 38 of Happywork TV, we talk about the next commitment in the work code of conduct I’ve created called “The Happywork Agreement.”

This is a commitment that employers are going to make to their employees.

Here it is: “If an employee resigns, I will not make it hard on them. There’s no reason to haze or hate on people who are leaving the organization, even if they leave during a tough stretch. Timing is never good on things like this, and I acknowledge that. We need to look inward to see what happened, and we need to remember that these departing employees could turn out to be great walking, talking ambassadors for us (or just the opposite).”

Hating on departing employees is a terrible thing to do to a fellow human being, but it’s also bad business. Their work friends are still employed by you; don’t think they’re not going to find out how you mistreated your ex-employee. That’s a morale killer. The outgoing employee will tell everyone she knows that you were a jerkface to her. She may even start working it into some of her public presentations. That is NOT the kind of PR you need. Prospective employees will look her up on LinkedIn and ask to “pick her brain,” and she’ll get a chance to tell them to avoid going to work for you.

Why act like a jerk to departing employees? Yes, you’re a little pussyhurt because they’re leaving you. They’re breaking up with you! It’s really all about you!

Get a grip on yourself. You are not the center of the universe. They’re leaving. It sucks. Be nice to them (as long as they’re nice to you). And then, go find someone better!

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Watch Episode 37 here!

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Happywork TV Episode 37: Happywork Has Launched!

Thanks to all who have played a role in bringing my art to the marketplace. Today, February 17, 2015, Happywork hits the streets, and I’m thrilled and honored.

Happywork is On The Shelves At Barnes & Noble


My book is now on the shelves at select Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. I stopped by the one near my house (170 & Ladue in St. Louis). They now have two autographed copies! Use to check in-store stock in your area (use the zip code field on the right side of the screen).

The #Happywork Hashtag is Looking Good!


Happywork Reviews, Happywork Podcasts, Happywork Tweets, Happywork Everything!

This blog post serves several purposes:

1. It’s a compendium of reviews for my book Happywork. (mostly happy reviews, no doubt!)
2. It’s a compendium of podcasts, interviews, and recorded speaking engagements supporting the book.
3. It’s a repository for all the fun tweets flying around about the book.

Here we go!


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Joi Sigers’ review on
St Louis Staffing mentioned Happywork in a blog post – thank you Susan Martin!
Jeremy Nulik’s review on the KolbeCo blog – detailed and awesome


My appearance on the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX Radio
Marketing Profs with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone – Kerry, you’re the best!
Jeffrey Shaw’s Creative Warriors podcast – excellent questions here!
2 Regular Guys podcast – talking t-shirts, just like the old days.
Bud Hennekes’ A Boundless World podcast
Vernon Ross’ Social Strategy podcast – We went for 90 minutes!
Likeable Radio with Dave Kerpen – download episode 59!
Will Hanke’s “Online Marketing: Navigating the Rapids” podcast
Culture Radio with John Gardner
The Entrepreneur’s Library with Wade Danielson – a fun chance to talk about the book for 15 minutes straight!
Deb Krier on Mile Hi Radio – take a listen, I think she only asked a few questions. We just talked!
Mitch Matthews’ Dream, Think, Do podcast – coming soon


LINK to video, in case the above player doesn’t work


Dream tweet:

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Two Quotes I Live By

I once did a monstrous blog post entitled “The 50 Tweets That Businesses Should Be Doing.” It was my far-reaching attempt to coax clients (and you) onto Twitter. “We don’t have anything to tweet about,” I’d often hear. Nonsense. You have much to discuss; it’s just that some of it doesn’t have anything directly to do with selling stuff. I followed that post up with one entitled, “10 Tweets To Leave on the Cutting Room Floor,” or something like that.

One of the tweets I advised you to cut from your tweeting repertoire was offering the quotes of famous people. To me, they just seemed empty and pointless. Now, I just wrote a book that, like many books, offers inspirational quotes at the beginning of each section. So basically I’m a total hypocrite. Or perhaps, I learned from my mistakes.

Recently I was emailing my friend Joshua Arnao some advice, and he asked me, “What are one or two quotes that inspire you?” In an attempt to answer his question, I came up with what you see below. The first quote is from me (I’m not famous!) and the second is from Maya Angelou. Let me be clear on this first quote: no, I do not inspire myself! Rather, I just want you to know that this is one of the prisms through which I view life. And of course, the Maya Angelou quote is actually a “famous quote,” and she did inspire me during her lifetime (and still does).

Let me know what you think down in the comments (if people still do that).

1. “The literal ability to perform an action and the advisability of doing so are two very separate things.” ~Chris Reimer

Here’s what this means to me: To a varying degree, we are all given power in our lives. Power at home, power at our jobs, power to shape the lives of others. We have the green light to fire someone if they break rule XYZ. It’s in the Employee Handbook. However, the green light does not always have to mean “Go!” For instance, decisions made while angry have an above-average chance of being short-sighted, damaging – what you’d call “wrong.” As I allude to in my book, in life there are the blacks and the whites – the extremes – and then there’s a very deep pool of grays, and that’s where most of the swimming in life is done. So get to know that deep water. Understand it and the other people swimming in it. This is important! I like to live my life in a results-based way – what am I trying to accomplish? – versus following every single rule to the letter. You do not merely possess the power of “do.” Don’t look at it that way. You have the power of “choice.” The choices you have been entrusted to make are not preordained “correct” simply because you are The Big Cheese.

2. “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

I quote this in my book. It means the world to me. Achievements aside, what’s really left at the end of the day, and at the end of our lives, is how we feel. Hopefully we feel accomplishment, and hopefully we feel good about ourselves and the world around us. It’s hard work to do right by people! Don’t kid yourself. And we too often ignore the people in our lives and what they’re going through. We should not ignore each other’s struggles any longer. Our work lives depend on it, not to mention our overall health. The world needs more empathy, and I think Ms. Angelou provided us a strong, crystal-clear reminder of the importance of treating each other with love and respect.

Happywork TV Episode 36: Psychometric Testing is Stupid

In Episode 36 of Happywork TV, I discuss one of the commitments in the work code of conduct I’ve created called “The Happywork Agreement.”

Here it is: “Personality tests – sometimes referred to as ‘psychometric tests’ – are stupid. They provoke anxiety and are rarely relevant to the position being offered. There may still be relevant uses for such testing, but I will not forget the alternative: sitting down and having a nice conversation with the employee or job applicant.”

I could be wrong about this – hey, maybe you love sitting down before, after, or during a job interview and answering questions about your greatest weaknesses, what makes you angry, sad, etc. Not me! And as I admit in the video, it could be possible that these tests lend a hand to gigantic organizations hiring thousands of people a year.

Nevertheless, I’ve never liked these tests. The questions are often repetitive, and it just seems like a lazy way to evaluate a human being. I’ve worked at quite a few high-functioning organizations, and the hiring process did not include psychometric testing.

Just one man’s opinion.

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Watch Episode 35 here!

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The eBook version of Happywork is OUT! Download now!

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Happywork TV Episode 35: Thank You Chris Brogan!

Chris Brogan
In the video below, I give a huge thank you to Chris Brogan for everything he’s taught me and done for me.

It’s more than just the blurb on the back cover of my book. Back when he blogged on a near-daily basis, I read every single post (sometimes multiple times). I was finding my way in this new social world of ours, working hard to leave my CPA job behind me. I wanted a new career, and Chris was one of the thought leaders who, unbeknownst to him, served as a “remote teacher” of mine. All he did was give, and all I did was take. I’m proud of the self-education I gave myself, but all thanks goes to people like Chris Brogan.

Hell, he even jumped on a 30-minute call with me last year to discuss my diet. He said he wanted me in better shape for when my book comes out. Gotta look great during those speaking engagements, he said. (full disclosure: I’ve lost 10 lbs at this point, probably. :wink: )

Chris Brogan, thanks for being you.

p.s. Two of my faves: Trust Agents and The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth (not affiliate links because Missouri don’t play that game. They’re BUY links!)

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Watch Episode 34 here!

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Download chapters 1-3 of my book for free!

The paperback version of Happywork is available for pre-order on Amazon – HERE! It hits the streets on 2/17/15 (and I’m finding that they’re shipping early. Order today!)

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