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Happywork TV Episode 40: Lay People Off Using Some Human Guidelines

In Episode 40 of Happywork TV, I talk about the next commitment in my book “Happywork.”

The commitment is a LONG one. Watch the video to see what you think.

Short version: treat people with dignity when you have to fire them or lay them off. Try to imagine it’s your own special little son or daughter getting the axe, and then act accordingly.

Why should this even matter? Hey, why shouldn’t it? Why can’t we expend a little extra effort to treat each other better. Besides, those people you’re terminating can (and should) be walking, talking ambassadors for you. Yes, even the one you’ve terminated can (sometimes) see the wisdom in your decision, or more likely, can vividly remember how you treated them on exit. And they can tell and retell that story to countless people. So give them a good story to tell! Try to provide a soft landing for them. Don’t fire them in front of a bunch of people. Don’t lay people off with an email, letter, or phone call.

Remember, how would you want your son or daughter to be treated? How would YOU like to be treated?

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Watch Episode 39 here!

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  1. Hits close to very home, but solid. Thanks for the discussion of humanity and looking ahead.

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