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Happywork TV Episode 39: Single-Tasking To Find a New Job

In Episode 39 of Happywork TV, I explain where the hell I’ve been for the past four months!

Sneak preview:

1. I prepared to launch a book
2. I was told I was losing my job
3. My book Happywork debuted to great reviews
4. I did quite a few fun speeches related to it
5. At the same time, time to find a new job! I looked far and wide
6. To look for a job, I roughly decided what I wanted my next job to look like, I networked, and I wrote a blog post announcing that I was available for hire. That’s one of the only blog posts I did for those four months, as I decided I needed to single-task in order to stay mentally fit and focus on the job search. I only worried about the job search, probably to the detriment of my book
7. I had 30+ interviews and meetings
8. I had job offers
9. I accepted one of those offers, a wonderful new job
10. It took me 8 weeks to find that job
11. I started working that job, and decided to continue single-tasking, this time on the new job. I want to keep this job (I really like it), so it made sense for me to stay hyper-focused on it
12. But, I do think my book and the subject of happiness and fulfillment in the workplace deserve some attention. So I’m committing to post one video a week
13. Ooooh, lucky 13 – wish me luck!

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Watch Episode 38 here!

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