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What’s Your Personal Positioning Statement?

I’ve been giving thought to the notion that I do too much. I have Rizzo Tees. I speak. I consult. I sometimes give free advice. I volunteer. I work at Falk Harrison. I have clients. Sometimes, I find it hard to describe myself.

So I decided to try to distill it all down into a single sentence. Well, two sentences – one for work, and one for my personal brand. It may be a mistake to have two, but I have personal interests as well as a job. This is my first crack at writing a personal positioning statement:

WORK: I help organizations tell their story both online and off.

PERSONAL BRAND: My mission is to help people see the world from other people’s point of view.

What’s your 10 second elevator speech?


  1. This is interesting. Good exercise.

  2. travissheridan says:

    WORK: I help people move from Light Bulb to Launch

    PERSONAL BRAND: I employ unconventional processes to make change more enjoyable and challenge people to grow.

    My unfinished dissertation was on Leadership as a Brand. I love this stuff.

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