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Can a Tweet in a Time of Peril Get Any Better?

Campbell House Museum

Photo courtesy of Shelley Niemeier

The beloved Campbell House museum in downtown St. Louis, MO was burglarized last evening. Per, thieves threw a concrete block through a 130-year-old glass pane door and stole cash.

Now, please dial back in your memories and consider the various corporate crises you can recall. Think of the fatuously clumsy, corporatey, all-thumbs responses you’ve seen to controversies. Recall the inability to be self-deprecating, the unwillingness to be open and honest about turmoil, the spin doctoring and the damage control. I usually picture a sweaty room filled with panicky executives worrying about their livelihood.

Does this burglary rise to the level of a corporate crisis that demands PR damage control? It does not. But I have to think that Shelley Niemeier and crew were none too happy this morning. How, then, did they manage to have this much fun with this dreadful situation?

I hope that Campbell House expeditiously recovers from this incident, as I have a wedding to perform there in mid-September.

p.s. It is always time for Schlafly.

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