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If You Work in Social Media, What Should You Be Called?

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I prefer “new media strategist” or “social media strategist.” Those both sound reasonable, and that’s what I’ve been telling people lately. What are the best and worst social media job titles? Are there any reasonable choices down in the list below? (I believe there are a few good ones). Which ridiculous ones am I missing? Please let me know in the comments section below. I’ll add good (and bad) ones to the list.

(Note: the Twitter handles you see next to some of the names are not necessarily the job title that person holds. I’m just giving credit to the individuals that offered me that particular name idea)

Social media strategist
New media strategist (my preferred self-descriptor)
Social media expert (many provided this one)
Social media specialist
Online media specialist (the great Court Sloger’s job title)
Social media consultant (how could I have forgotten that one @suebmoe?)
Social media director (Thanks Ken Earley)
Social media maven
Social media ninja (@Nick314 wants credit for this and cried about it on Twitter a bit, so here you go)
Social media sensei
Social media samurai
Social media genie
Social media guru (many offered this one, including @PrincessGraceUS and @courtsloger)
Social media community manager
Social media planner
Social media editor (thanks @ericasmith)
Social media coordinator
Social media missionary (so sorry, forgot who gave this one to me)
Social media vixen
Social media rockstar
Social media magician
Social media alchemist
Social media jedi
Social media sniper
Social media guerrilla
Social media commander
Social media Vulcan (I suppose this could also be “Social Media Klingon” or “Social Media Cardassian”)
Social media evangelist (thanks @JennaPet)
Social media geek (thanks @Gerrytonic)
Social media influencer (thanks @RobustWineBar)
Social media wizard (thanks @KimGlickert)
Social media whiz (or wiz)
Social media sorcerer (thank you @alglatz!)
Social media honey badger (@alglatz again)
Social media concierge
Social media black belt (makes Six Sigma people throw up in their mouth)
Social media honcho (courtesy of @RickyShambles)
Social media hotshot (thank you @reverendfitty. I consider you to be one lol)
Social media scientists or Socialsphere scientists (thanks @MoRandazzoMB)
Social media curator (thanks @megtalla)
Social media genius (thank you @AuthorsEmporium)
Social media analyst
Social media proselytizer (thanks @JennaPet)
Social media zealot (thanks to @DrDeadline)
Social media czar (yes! @theharryadams)
Social media worker bee (thanks @TheLunaLounge)
Social media aficionado (thank you @kirstiehamel)
Social media maverick (thank you @jacqsays)
Social media chump (I came up with that one, obviously as a joke)
Social media maniac (I had this in my Twitter bio for a brief time. I’m better now)
Social media champion (thank you @mizzoudavis)
Social media drone (a lame one I came up with)
Social media monster
Social media stud
Social media dictator
Social media engineers (thanks @ricardosstl)
Social media unicorn (not sure about this one @jeremywaite, but you win anyway)
Social media wrangler (thank you @itsjuststarla)
Social media overlord (thanks again to @itsjuststarla)
New media dude (@joshuaarnao loves this one)
Social media coach (Thanks @Daman)
Social media monkey (courtesy of @citylifematt)
Social media Lord or digital lord(thanks @kenrearley)
People herder or social media people herder (thanks to @jaceanderson)
Social media nerd (good one @gbussmann)
Social media phenom (good one @ow_a_hand!)
Digital interactionist (@suebmoe)
Social media borg (you will be assimilated)
Social media socialite (@MitchInThomWest)
140 character jockey (no way. yikes. Thanks @Igloo_Ad)
Social media dragon slayer (found it here)
Social media mastermind (thanks to @FreeRangeCookie)
Social media butterfly (courtesy of @DACARSTAR)
Social media mercenary (@notjustanotherj is certainly one)

(I got the idea for this post from this article, which also seems to be located here.)

Hmmmmmm, maybe I should have just used this website to come up with ideas – The Social Media Job Title Generator


  1. It’s “Intern” for now.
    Social Media Strategist is definitely a respectable title and New Media Strategist is also a solid option as media is constantly evolving. Community Manager is used in the online investment world and isn’t a terrible title. Social Media Director has a nice ring to it as well. Creativity beyond the norm doesn’t really give the position any more fun or sophistication.

  2. Wish I’d gotten mine in before you posted…what about “Digital Interactionist”? LOL Seriously, I think “Social Media Strategist” or Consultant is best, but “Social Media Chump” plays a close second for sure. šŸ˜‰

  3. Rockstarima says:

    I prefer Social Media Rock Star. :-) (@rockstarima) Ima means Momma in Hebrew.

  4. Personally, I like “ResultsĀ Strategist” (just made that one up). A good strategist should media agnostic.

    Or I might go with “Media 2.Bro”

  5. Won’t it eventually just be “Communications Director” ?Ā 

  6. Social media newbie says:

    Social media yoda, with of course an acknowledgement to Lucas Films

  7. If you work in social media then you will be called social media strategist and social media expert. One who operates the social media is so called social media mastermind. Many names can be given as mentioned in the article. Thanks for tellingĀ numberĀ of names.

  8. So glad that I’ve got the numbers of names, Because in this field everyone knows that there are so many names link it’d be Social media Expert, Analyst, Strategist and so many more.

  9. Social Media Money Shot

  10. Funny stuff! I noticed that Social Media Supreme Galactic Emperor didn’t make the list. What, too much?

  11. bnrbranding says:

    I like social media honey badger, but unfortunately honey badger don’t care!

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