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Do You Need Marketing or Social Media Advice? One Hour With Me Could Help

Would you like to pick my brain for an hour? There is a magic Paypal button below that can make this happen!

Maybe you’re just starting your business or nonprofit. Or maybe you’re already operating but just need a little push in the right direction. You can’t afford a huge branding strategy or a team of social media people… you’re bootstrapping, so you can’t afford much, period.

My role at Falk Harrison most often involves large engagements – big strategy, several meetings a month, and a total of 10-40 hours a month per client of intense work. I enjoy a big challenge, and plotting strategy for large multi-national corporations is certainly that.

Truth be told, though, I really do love working with small organizations too. Unfortunately, our cost structure at Falk Harrison does not allow for one-hour engagements. Judging by the number of requests I get for brainstorming coffees, lunches, after-work drinks and pick-your-brain meetings in general, I can tell there’s a huge need out there. I wanted to find a way to help everyone, while still feeding the family and being true to myself as a professional with a unique skillset.

For $125, you get an hour of great advice on the phone or via Skype (preferred). In the right circumstances, for St. Louis-based people, I can get together in person for a coffee. No matter how we meet, I can drop a great deal of knowledge on you in a hour’s time. I’m generally regarded as one of the top new media strategists in St. Louis, and my background as a CPA and CFO lends some real-world realistic thinking to the advice I give.

There are three steps in this process:
1. Submit payment via PayPal by clicking “Buy Now” below.
2. Send me an email at rizzotees [ at ] gmail dot com and let me know you’ve paid. Also, please provide me your contact info and a synopsis of what you’d like to discuss with me.
3. Prepare for our call. Create an agenda, or at the very least, have a list of questions prepared. Know what you want to talk about for the hour, and please email me any prep documentation you complete beforehand so that I can be prepared.

Only $125

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I look forward to helping you out.


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