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I Only Want Positive Comments on my Blog

Rush Fitness Complex Facebook Fail

The grisly details (before they delete the post). Thanks to Scott Stratten for bringing this to our attention.


  1. Wow, I’m sure they are trying to hide something 😉  I appreciate any comments…drive engagement with your audience, good or bad.  At least they are reading your blog!  Maybe I am more grateful than these guys though…

    • It’s hard to speculate why they made this post on Facebook (which then auto tweeted to Twitter, ughhh). Perhaps they had been dealing with some online haters, or a spat of actual complaints that they felt were best handled via the phone. Either way, I am of the opinion that a customer problem is an opportunity to show what you’re really made of, what you believe in, what drives you. Handle their problem with skill and care, and you could have a customer for life.

  2. I’m all for sharing best practices… but sometimes I wonder – is it mean of us to throw people under the bus like this? I’m, of course, not condoning what they did. I think it is asinine. But could someone had reached out to them before throwing them in the social media fire? They leave a number… why not call and educate them (and maybe get some new business out of it). The obviously think this is acceptable use of social media and need help…. (and if they know better and did it anyway? Well then they kinda deserve the ridicule that came their way.)

    • Danielle, I do hear what you’re saying. If you go to the post and look at the final comment I made, I sort of echo your sentiment. I will probably pass on picking up the phone today – they are probably not in a mood to hear from anyone and I don’t want to seem opportunistic. I feel comfortable pointing this stuff out because I think we all need to see it. We sometimes learn best by seeing examples of what not to do. But as I said in my Facebook comment, there are some jobs on the line today at Rush, and I hope that good people with families don’t lose their jobs.

      Great point, Danielle, and I’m glad you stopped by my blog.

    • I think that once it’s in the public space like that, it’s open for critique. Plus I think that Chris does this with the true and honest intentions of having a teaching moment. 

  3. They took the page down. Dang. Probably the right move for them.

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