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Outdoor Media Success – Cavalia

Sorry the camera sometimes focuses on my mouth instead of my face. Terrible camera guy. :-)

Drive around St. Louis, and you’ll find these Cavalia billboards EVERYWHERE. It’s horses on billboards absolutely everywhere you look. There are instances where two billboards are stacked one on top of each other, and Cavalia bought both of them (see below). They must have spent a fortune. But what are they getting for it?

I’m not a huge proponent of outdoor media, but I have to admit – they’re successfully increasing awareness and visibility for their upcoming run of shows. They have some pretty robust social media channels, but they’re not talking to St. Louisans too much yet. The show is still in Seattle, so they’re spending time on social media talking to Seattle. The billboards list their website address, but it’s very small (just Google it, right?). It’s possible they’re doing radio or TV, but I haven’t seen it. So how are they supposed to sell tickets? They’re a one-trick pony (killer pun yo) – it’s 200+ billboards all over the metro area.

And I think it’s working. My wife bought $400 in tickets for her family. I will be stuck at home babysitting, so I will miss the equine extravaganza. Funny, now I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Cavalia travels around the country, so their marketing campaign here in St. Louis is not something new or experimental for them. It’s not their first rodeo (I’ll be here all week!). The remarkable thing here is the sheer number of billboards they are using. I like doing remarkable things, because when you’re trying to increase awareness and visibility, it’s a good idea to 1.) have an awesome product, and 2.) do something to stand out. From what I understand, they have the former. And their “Shock and Awe” billboard bombing campaign is standing out to me. Job well done.

Greg Edwards’ article on Cavalia in the St. Louis Business Journal.



Cavalia billboards

Cavalia billboard

Example from CA, courtesy of


Note the first and third billboard. I'm sure they wanted the second one.

Cavalia advertising

And they're online!


  1. The horses are coming, the horses are coming! I’m also interested in just how much money they spent and if the cost was justifiable. Guess that’ll be an update?

    • I would love to know how much they spent. Unless the numbers get published, I don’t think we’ll know. If this show ever comes to your town, you will see their billboards everywhere. It’s pretty crazy. Without being able to prove it, I think they know the cost is justifiable. They’ve done this before; they know what works. Tickets are $50-100 apiece. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve totally noticed these, too! And was starting to get crabby because I’m all WTH IS IT?! I was going to be driven to Google it soon but you already beat me to the punch so thanks for that!

    • Truthfully, I think there is a level of crabbiness over it. “Just what IS this Cavalia thing?” You’re too curious not to Google it. Then you learn it’s this highly respected show, and you realize this is their only Midwest stop, and your anger subsides

  3. I was just in Miami and noticed the big white tent. Sure enough, the show’s in Miami too. I didn’t see many billboards, but I instantly knew what it was b/c of the STL marketing. 

    On another note, I’m sure Larry King is now trending in STL too. 

  4. There are some numbers in this article – $750,000 in advertising and promotions  


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