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Gary Vaynerchuk In a Seminal Performance at the 2011 Inc 500 Conference

And now a YouTube version for those of you on Apple mobile devices

(WARNING: the above video contains lots of foul language. You should not watch this video if such language offends you)

Apologies in advance, but I’m a brown-nosing Vayniac. I’ll get that out in the open right now. However, I have learned a ton from this guy, have watched dozens of his speeches, was sitting in the front row of this presentation, actually got mentioned in the speech between 33:00 and 33:30, and can tell you that this talk was one of his best ever. Watch this presentation.

I speculate that he really brought his A-Game because he was amongst peers. The room was filled with 1,000 (?) of the best entrepreneurs in the world, and that’s who he is. Even though most of the attendees are not doing social well, or not doing it at all, Gary and these folks still share much of the same DNA. They build businesses. I think Gary felt like he was talking to a different crowd here than one he might address at Big Omaha or SXSW, and that this required something different. All I can say is…. watch the whole thing, including the last question he takes during Q&A. He brought the house down!

And Gary, thanks for the hug afterwards.



Thank you to both Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Scoble (via Mike Stenger) for rebroadcasting this for me. Needless to say, my blog has seen some traffic in the past few days. By the way, I had a few people say I was lucky to get the attention of these guys. As Harvey Mackay recently said in his Chris Brogan interview, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Basically, I do stuff. Lots of stuff. Some of it “hits the big time,” whatever that means. So….. Blog. Post. Comment. Reshare. Listen. Interview. Videotape. Write. Sit in the front row. Do stuff!

Inc 500 Conference crowd for Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk Chris Reimer Rizzo Tees Inc 500 Conference



  1. Love it. It was an inspiration when I was there and an inspiration now that I am re-watching it. Gary does an amazing job chatting it up about context over content. New paradigm and years ahead of other social media “experts.” Love 13:43.

  2. I remember convincing people in an entrepreneurship class in 1997 that people would be soon buying stuff online.  

  3. Gary rocks

  4. Gary is a MUST SEE speaker!  I went to see him in Columbus back in the Summer – and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Always good stuff from Gary. He’s laying a foundation for people to learn from and hopefully all the “social media experts” disappear from companies/businesses learning they’re full of crap.

  6. Gotta love Gary Vaynerchuk. Glad to see he is still out there telling the world how it should be.

    Thanks for the video. Love it

  7. One on One Marketing – Gotta Love it….  Why companies don’t know who I am already amazes me since they capture and ask for a lot of info, they know what i buy, but yet, they do nothing to make sure that I only by their shoes, their shirts, Eat at their restaurants, shop at their stores….  a lot of companies are trying to get personal, like sending me free “shipping” on my birthday, only if they’d listen to what i really wanted for my Birthday…lol

  8. That is a rather awesome postscript 🙂 

  9. Thanks to @iwearyourshirt:twitter I spent an hour enthralled and newly energized! Watch this!

  10. Gary is once agains spot on! great talk!

    one question: what is the name of the telephone company he’s referring to during Q&A? (the 250.000 dollar deal with one tweet?) would like to read more about that one!


  11. I learned a lot from this video
    I have been a travel agent for 25 years and talk about having to re-invent ourselves!
    we now have agents using social media to generate sales etc.
    thanks for sharing this video

  12. Vern Ross says:

    So much stuff to say about this talk.  I have to agree it’s one of the best one of Gary’s talks I’ve heard in a long time.  Cool that you got a mention and I think it’s because you get it.  I hope people pick up on the “engagement factor” on Facebook that Gary spoke about.  Facebook Insights is so important in making that connection.  

    • Dude, I had tweeted with Gary before the presentation. He knew I’d be there. Then I sat in the front row. On purpose! Just like school, it’s fun to sit in the back row and veg out, out of view. Instead I said dead center, made eye contact with him. Of course I wanted him to mention me. Hell yes! But what are the chances? Not high, but you make your own luck…

  13. Great postscript. Well said!

  14. Jerry Brzezinski says:

    I love this video, thanks for sharing Chris!

  15. Awesome

  16. Raj Kotecha says:

    Bro I can’t see this on iPad from Thailand? Any other sources?

  17. I really can’t thank you enough for posting this. Honestly it’s my third time watching this presentation and I really appreciate it. 

  18. Just saw Gary speak at the Internet Summit in Raleigh so thank you very much for the video.  Wanted to write a bit about some of his ideas and thoughts, loved the presentation and his energy. 

  19. potty mouth

  20. The Bomb

  21. Great content/context….

  22. Found your site a couple of weeks ago, but my flash player wasn’t letting me view the video…so glad I book marked your page because I got flash player up and running again…worth waiting to watch!

    It is so true when Vaynerchuk says, “Most are treating social media like a one night stand.”  I hear so many pushing the quick sell, but I’ve always thought communication, relationships, and trust that continue long term is so much better.  In the past year I’ve had a couple of companies call (real people, not recordings) and thank me for using their service.  Nice touch.  :o)

  23. This is by far the best presentation of social media I’ve seen. Great share! #social

  24. I gotta say it, seminars/speeches would be so much more interesting & engaging if they were this passionate (dropped f-bombs) & had this level of quality of content.

  25. kiran bhanushali says:

    Good video. Thanks for sharing


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