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Do Our Dreams Speak To Us?


Do the often-bizarre dreams we have speak to us? Perhaps they do. I often find lessons buried in the dreams I have. Someone help me cull meaning from this dream I had last night.

Basically, similar Biff Tannen in Back To The Future Part II, I brought a book back from the year 2034. It was a sort of financial history book, and it revealed that the Dow Jones would be at 62,000 in the year 2034. I woke up from that dream this morning thinking that a six-fold increase over the next 23 years was pretty awesome, and had a sudden urge to save and invest.

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  1. Chris, I think they do. For me dreams help me determine the things I most need to work on, sort out, possibly even what is most important to me at that time. Interestingly I made dreams part of my company logo. “We Delivery Dreams” cheap plug I know but thought you’d get a kick out of it?

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