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Perhaps I Should Try Storify

Storify website

I have never tried Storify. People seem to both love it and use it to great effect. The service best describes itself by saying that it’s used “To make stories using social media.”

I have lived through two recent social media “controversies,” if you can call them that, and both have been “Storified.” The first was a few months ago when I wrote a blog post about an unfortunate tweet made by an Internet marketer. The second was just yesterday when a friend tweeted some dissatisfaction at a restaurant and got an earful back.

As is always the case, in both instances I’m sure there’s more than meets the eye. Each time I tried to offer sound, objective advice, without resorting to name calling or ad hominem attacks (I did use the word “despicable” in that one post.)

Mike and Erica did a great job pulling the unfolding social media sagas together with Storify. I’m thinking I need to give the service a try.


  1. Seems slick enough, just not sure I have the time or inclination to sort through the rabble to create a story. Although… I could make a story of all your trips to 5 guys… hmmm.

    • You’d be surprised how easy it can be to find things, especially if you have a narrow focus (like trips to Five Guys, or a show at the Peabody or rainbows in St. Louis).

  2. I hadn’t heard of Storify until I read the recap of yesterday’s dustup, actually saw Michael T reference it on G+. My big question is how cumbersome – or not – is the process of pulling together the story. Or as Josh says, sorting through the rabble.
    Guess I need to go start exploring….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t be shy, go ahead and give it a try :)

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