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Make Social Media Personal, Not Spammy And Icky

May I point out that I love Scotts Turf Builder lawn products? May I also point out that, when you’re doing your all-important “listening” on social media, be sure to get the banana out of your ear. This tweet exchange between Mitch Joel, Scott Stratten, Amber Brooks and Scotts Lawn Care’s social media team is just so wrong.

Scott Stratten Unmarketing

Amber is referring to Scott Stratten in her tweet but fails to use an apostrophe when she types “Scotts step by step process.” Scotts Turf Builder feels a discussion about lawn care is taking place and jumps in with a toll-free number.

Do better next time!

P.S. Mitch and Scott were tweeting about something rather serious. Please consider buying the book “End Malaria,” where $20 of the $20 purchase price ($25 for paperback) goes to buying malaria nets that save lives.

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Rather awesome postscript – the tweet below came through from Scotts the day after. A worthy response by Scotts – well done

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  1. Is this the twitter version of having my name in lights? It is to me :)

    I have less than 100 followers, basically a twewbie nobody on twitter so far and I was mentioned in a blog by Chris Reimer (54,499 followers) and in a conversation with the infamous Scott Stratten author of UnMarketing and who has 100,000+ followers. All of which he got from spamming like Scotts Lawn Care…..NOT! I imagine Scott wmould rather be slapped with a dead trout (mIRC reference) than auto anything. He doesn’t even put his dryer timer on auto. Just kidding, I have no idea what he does but that’s my guess.

    Ya know whats really funny about this Chris? Is that in his book Scott talks about Not using punctuation and being grammatically correct on twitter and that it’s a waste of time…..of which I agree. Yet this time is seemd to have bitten him in the butt.

    Scott writes book and gives advice. Me reads book and takes advice. Scott gets auto spammed.
    That is some weird kind of karma there. My guess is that Mister Stratten will now win the lottery or something to be paid back for the negative karma that accidentally found him.

    Thanks Chris!
    p.s. Dang it! My ROI didnt go up with this post!!! This stupid twitter stuff doesn’t work! ­čśë
    How do I get my money back? Oh that’s right…..I didn’t spend any.

  2. Oh, this is very very funny!

  3. This really is hilarious. If the lawn care company had kept it up in amusing and hyperbolic fashion, it might have been able to turn around the PR disaster, but looks like that’s not something the robot/intern was programmed for.

  4. Michael Beckett says:

    The importance of humanisation of Marketing and interaction, as a bot can form impressions just not relationships. Relationships are the heart of social media interaction imo.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome, a worthy lesson! And I totally TOTALLY dig how @ScottsLawnCare:twitter replied! Sometimes after something nutty it really can just be that easy to learn, make good and move on.

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