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My Presentation At – A Nervous And Intimidated Rizzo Tees!

(no, that's not me on stage there)

At the invitation of my bestest buddy J-Will, aka @theobell, I spoke on Social Media at a tweetup for This wonderful music project, started by J-Will and @BigLos, allows local St. Louis rap talent – artists, producers, and DJs – to gather in one place to showcase their music. If you have something you want up on the site, send it in and watch this happen: <—– it has 700 tweets and almost 250 Facebook likes. Now that’s great exposure!

Thank you to @RossPR for the first video, and J-Will for the second one.

I have to say, I was nervous up there on stage.  A room full of artists, producers, DJs, and rap fans, all waiting to hear Potzee rap.  They weren’t there to hear me.  I think my nerves made their way into my performance.  I have no problem watching my RISE interview – I can watch it over and over, start to finish. On the flip side, I find it hard to watch this performance. I can’t sit all the way through it without hitting pause.  I just need to get more practice, and do a better job next time. And not drink 4 Guinness before I go on stage. :-)

Luckily a few people came up afterwards and said, “Great job,” “I’m in the same boat you were, trying to break out,” “Very inspirational…..” so all of that makes me feel a little better. Thanks again to J-Will and Los for the opportunity. I met so many great people that night. (S/O to @Entelleckt!)




  1. Good for you! It looks like you did fine to me…and isn’t it just as important that you got up and DID IT. I think so!!!


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