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Business Tip – Get People To Write Stuff Like This About You

My number 1 business tip to aspiring entrepreneurs: get people to say things like this about you.

“I really think Rizzo Tees is an example of a company who has it right – leverage social media, provide a simple online storefront with great products, and provide stellar customer service. When you combine those three things, you truly have something special.”

This means:

1. Be nice. Nice to everyone! Be nice to your customers. Be nice to your service providers. Be nice to the IRS when they audit you. Be nice!

2. Ship your product as fast as you’d like to receive something as a buyer.

3. Be hyper-attentive to mistakes you’ve made. Don’t be all paranoid. If a customer says “I never received my product,” don’t say to yourself “Man, I really think they received the product I shipped them. I have a delivery confirmation. I think they’re just trying to get another one for free.” No they’re not. And if they are, that’s no more than 1% of your customers. If your glass is half empty, go back to being an employee somewhere – just quit business altogether!

4. Finally, when someone does praise you like this, freak out a little bit! It’s extremely exciting when someone takes time out of their day to write a blog post about you. Praise them back, comment on their blog, and appear to be as thankful as you probably are. If you’re not touched by such positive comments, you may not have what it takes to conduct business in this new socially connected economy.

If my blog had been up and running in October 2009, I would have written this post back then! Thanks you Trey Connell for your continuing support of Rizzo Tees.


  1. Great tips Chris! Keep on rockin’


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