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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks Twitter on CNBC With Some Fellow Panelists That Are Highly Confused

Gary nails it here in the first 30 seconds – real-time search has tremendous value.  (video below).  Companies need to pay hyper-attention to what people are saying about their brands, and they need to follow up with the proper kind of interaction.

Peter Kafka of All Things Digital says, “You don’t go to Twitter to search for stuff.”  I highly disagree! (and I call him “highly confused” in only the nicest way!).

Like Gary says, Twitter can monetize with advertising, just like Google did.  Google used to be so very simple, and now it’s so huge and monetized with 100 different services… and people are still flocking to Google.  Frankly, like Chris Brogan said here just the other day, people are completely beholden to Skynet, er I mean Google.  There has been no mass exodus from Google, and there probably won’t be from Twitter either once they decide to take the monetization plunge.

Contrary to what some of the panelists said, Twitter is a really big deal, and companies that are running in the other direction are making a huge mistake.


  1. Gary Vaynerchuk nevers minces his words – why was the dude calling out the fail whale like? Will be interesting to see how Twitter do try to monetize..Ads would be a nice option but charging for hashtags like Gary said at the end could be a bit bogey (unless I misunderstood him)..

  2. TheTrendaholic says:

    Peter Kafka of All Things Digital, sounds like some old guy who just learned how to text message, I mean this guy… smh (let me collect myself). You don't use Twitter to search? So it's one of the most popular search engines in the world for nothing?! He clearly doesn't understand the full capabilities beyond just tweeting stuff.

    NOTE TO PETER: People use Twitter search for searching for trending topics much like Google Trends, dopey.

  3. Please do not charge for hashtags! I pray that doesn't happen.

    Computer screens are growing in size – PLENTY of real estate for advertisements. Just drop your pants and do it, Twitter!

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog, Charles. Peter was technically right when he said that people use Google search and Twitter search in different ways. You could make an argument for that. But I extrapolate Peter's comment to mean that no commerce takes place on Twitter at all. I'm living proof that commerce does take place!

  5. This write up on Google has some interesting connections to your post and Gary's comments –

    Since Google will search back to the first tweet ever, in addition to everything else Google finds, people may still start with Google.

    For me, I go at search/research from a what I am attempting to accomplish/learn standpoint … then I try to pick the best tool for the job.

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