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Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 3/30/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.) Remember, in small business, it’s advisable to sweat the details.  Don’t obsess over them and never get anything big done – but don’t overlook the details.  Like, for instance, if you’re an Internet company, renew your domain name!  LOL @ Foursquare.

2.) Mark Hayward helps you define your small business social media goals in one of his latest posts.  Most important here: make a simple plan, and then stick to it.  Consistency is so key!

3.)  I like to think I live a life of decency… showing respect for others, no matter if I report to them, or if they report to me. No matter if they’re some high-powered donor, or the person making my hamburger.  Pleases, thank yous, may I’s… the very lessons I’m trying to teach my daughters.  Peter Shankman discusses South By Southwest (SXSW) in one of his latest blog posts. At the event, it seems someone may have yelled at a volunteer.  Some think Peter was the offending douchebag, when it turns out he was not.  The meat of the post is much more than a who-done-it – it’s about showing respect for others (like never yelling at a volunteer).  Peter argues for having a truer sense of self, i.e., we are not curing cancer or feeding the hungry.  Get real, and get over yourself.  (warning, just a bit of foul language in the post.)

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