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You Know You Work At The Wrong Place If You Hear This

If you work at a place where you can overhear an employee saying, “I just do what I’m told,” you’re working at the wrong place.

What other classic work sayings make you cringe at your place of employment?


  1. I hate when people say that a request or a task is “not my responsibility”…or some variation of that is not my job…

    I could go on and on, but I think that one is the worst for me.

  2. I work for myself these days but I have plenty of experience working at large orgs — I used to cringe every time I would hear a supervisor, manager, director, product or project manager, VP or CEO tell an outright lie — it was just something we did to cope with the reality of the environment — we would often sit around in meetings and lie to each other — even though we all knew that we were lying — it was pretty sick.

    I wrote a whole post about it here —

  3. Another one I can't stand is: “That's not my job.”

  4. “That's not my job” is a classic for sure, and in a small biz like where I work, EVERYTHING could potentially be your job at any given point so that's just BS.

    Slacking on customer service, being told to just tell a client “someone will contact you about scheduling” when they are CALLING IN about scheduling burns my insides.

    And the real gem, which I actually do hear often, “I should just fire everyone and contract out.” No joke.

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