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David Meerman Scott Talks The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Last year I read David Meerman Scott’s best-seller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” and I’ve recently purchased the second edition and plan on giving the book a second reading in the next few weeks.  The reason?  As I continue to operate the small business learning laboratory known as Rizzo Tees, I am finding more and more that Scott’s advice is dead-on. I’m not even executing on all of this advice yet, so a pox on me.

However, this blog was borne of his advice. In the video below, you’ll hear him talk of a dentist that started a blog and wrote an eBook, and she was able to generate a ton of online attention for herself…. and all for free.  No Yellow Page Ads anymore – it’s you, all you, writing your thoughts, spreading your word for free online, getting others to spread the word for you.  It’s losing control of your marketing, as Scott calls it.  It’s bloody brilliant.


  1. The idea of “losing control” of your marketing is, essentially, word of mouth marketing. Though, in today's world, you can have some influence on word of mouth marketing by participating in the conversations on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and various other social spaces. There's no future for the yellow page; that's for sure.

  2. davidmeermanscott says:

    Thanks for the shout out Chris. I love what you are doing with your business. Keep up the great work. David

  3. You are quite welcome, David. Keep inspiring

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