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The Stubbornness To Keep Showing Up

I hope I never run out of creative fuel, because Rizzo Tees would be screwed!  Sometimes, tee ideas flow through me like a ghost, or blow me over like a hurricane … so I can relate to what author Elizabeth Gilbert is saying in this TED Talk.  And she’s very funny! (I listen more when humor is involved.)

Rizzo Tees has been in operation since October 2008, and I have seen countless other tee companies go either dormant or out of business.  If you have the stubbornness to keep showing up, that’s really half the battle.  As we speak, we’re in the doldrums of winter. Rizzo World HQ (my basement) is freezing.  Sales are slow.  Now is the time to dig deep and keep on showing up!


  1. I think in the movie micah was very interested in all the paranormal stuff going on in the house and thats why he didnt want katie to call the demonologist because if she did call everything would go away and this was such a cool expirience for him to have even thought it wasnt fun to her since it had been happening since she was 8 years old.

  2. truth is always best even if it hurts he has place himself in a position where he has got to learn to sale himself to potential employers having a good gab and being upfront will sale him to a employers fast…wishing you success.

  3. Since I was a child my Dad and I have never gotten close. Recently, my mother moved out on us due to mental health/issues. Here and there my Dad and I give each other hard times and tend to argue about small things which eventually leads to a bigger problem. In the long run,

  4. My dad always says:

    “50% of life is just getting the ball back over the net.”

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