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Lewis Howes’ Top 8 Ways To Use Social Media

The proper use of Social Media is critical to the future success of your business.  I have no idea how far along my business would be without it – I would not want to find out!

Lewis Howes is the preeminent authority on LinkedIn, but in this video, he talks on a broader scale about the top 8 ways to use Social Media.  I consider this video to be a classic (is there such a thing as a “classic” when it comes to Social Media? lol I’m going with it.). To some degree, I just blogged about his #4 point (be smart with your time) in my Google Buzz post.

Also, I really agree with his point about meeting face-to-face.  Such meetings take on an awesome new dimension if you “knew” the person beforehand on Social Media.  To really build your personal brand and your business, you must step out from behind the computer and meet folks in person.

Many of you have probably already seen this video, but it’s really a perfect laundry list of great ways to use Social Media, so I wanted it to be a part of the canon of my blog.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Totally agree with the face to face aspect — as strong as the connections are that you can make via the web, there is nothing that replaces face time.

    Thanks for the post Chris!

  2. Social media isn’t always the right tool for the job. Not every company needs a blog. YouTube worked for BlendTec, but it might not work for your company. And yet, there’s something to this

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