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Customer Service on ‘Roids! – You Can and Must Do This!

I am a daily wine drinker, and now a budding Social Media dork.  This combustible mix has me watching Gary Vaynerchuk over at Wine Library TV as often as I can.  He’s a social media and marketing expert, and he’s clearly drinking much better wine than I ever do!  I have learned quite a bit from him as I try to build my 5-month-old tee biz, Rizzo Tees, on basically a $0 marketing budget.

I’ve been watching his Wine Library videos for a few months, and I’ve posted comments when I have something to say.  Sadly, none of my posts were making it onto the page.  At first, I just thought Gary and his crew were inundated with comments and didn’t get to mine (I post rather late in the game, after the video has been up for awhile – I’d come back a day later, and still no comment from me.).  Then I started wondering if I was just saying stupid shit.  Finally, I wondered if I was being inappropriately commercial by posting as “Rizzo Tees.”

I have to admit (don’t laugh) – I was getting a little discouraged.  For both oenophilic and selfish reasons, I wanted my comments to appear on the site!  Like anyone taking the time to post on a blog, you want to be part of the conversation.

I even tweeted about it a few times, until the other day, someone tweeted back and told me to just write to Gary and ask him about the issue.  I thought, “Geez, don’t bother the guy… he gets 1,500+ emails a day.”  He says he reads them all, and I believe him – I had once emailed him some advice on a hotel chain to target for his wine distribution business, and he did write back a day or two later.  

Finally, today, I did write to him about the blog comment issue, and the results were rather stunning.

12:37PM – I write to Gary


I’ve been watching your daily videos on WineLibrary TV for a few months now, and I’ve been enjoying them greatly.  I even enjoyed Jake & Amir – I didn’t think you deserved the hate. 

Anyway, I’ve tried to join the conversation on there, but my comments never get posted.  I didn’t know if I was caught up in a spam filter, if the fact that I post as “Rizzo Tees” is inappropriately commercial, or if I was doing something else wrong.

I am a daily wine drinker, so your site has particular interest to me.  And, selfishly, I’d love to see my posts on your site.  Any insight on how to get my posts to show up on WineLibrary TV?


Founder, Rizzo Tees

12:41PM – FOUR minutes later – Gary writes me back, copies his tech Mott

they dont, MOTT? pls do homework on THIS ASAP!
CHRIS WTF! I have no idea, we are both checking now!
Gary Vaynerchuk

12:55PM – Mott writes to me


Your posts were getting caught in the spam filter, probably because of the url in your name. Anyway I moderated them through and you should be good to go now. If it happens again, let me know.



Thank you Gary for your prompt attention to this!  And I ask all of you, especially you bloggers, or anyone trying to run a business:

Can you be as maniacally busy as Gary Vaynerchuk is, and still provide that level of customer service?


  1. Gary is quite awesome when it comes to his viewers/customers/whatever you’d like to call him. He is an amazing person in general.Last May he was supposed to be at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot doing a book signing. We were there for a bit waiting and then we got word that Gary thought that he was canceled for that day. An e-mail to him and about 30 min later there he was! To sign and talk to the 7 of us that were there. He is just wonderful!Glad you got everything straightened up!

  2. It’s very interesting to me…. he made a bigger impression on me today than 1,000 banner ads for WLTV ever could. Then I was motivated to blog about it, spreading the good word and creating a few more inbound links to his web properties. Yes, I’m saying there’s a lesson to be learned here!

  3. Tim Cigelske says:

    That’s crazy!

  4. Keep in mind, he’s getting 1,500+ emails every day – heck, I could answer your email in 4 minutes, but I get maybe 30-40 important emails a day.

  5. Jason Sadler says:

    It’s pretty crappy that the majority of “big web” people can’t follow Gary’s principles of contact. When people get too big to respond to e-mail, they’ve lost touch with the core of ‘social media’.

  6. Gary is awesome!!! For someone who is so deep into the game, he never let’s it get ahead of him. Gotta respect that.

  7. @jordonm says:

    Gary tweeted this! should be great PR!

  8. Ron Zasadzinski says:

    Gary inspires me and Chris, this story is awesome. He sets the bar pretty high and I better get my butt in gear when it comes to responding to email. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  9. carottechieko says:

    I know periode (don’t laugh)hahha! I just say you “bon courage, i like your powerful presentation skill , and i hope you attempt your goal..

  10. carottechieko says:

    I know the period (don’t laugh)hahaha…I admire your courrage and powerful presentation skill. I hope you ” bon courrage, et attempt your goal♪

  11. WOW!

  12. Regarding Jason Sadler’s comment, I will have to do a followup post about an less-than-stellar encounter I had with a very famous Internet guru… it left me with a terrible impression of this individual that lingers to this day (lol I hold a grudge, what can I say?)

  13. Maura Rodgers says:

    Being real, accessible and dedicated to your customers is so important. How did customer service get lost along the way? Yes, it’s hard work to keep up with the overflowing emails in our inbox among everything else but it means so much when one does reach out, just like Garyvee did. And this is why he wins! Good luck with your biz.

  14. Trent Wood says:

    That’s encouraging! There’s someone who puts his time and energy where he says he does. I’ve always heard if you want something done, start at the top (or highest point you can within a company/organization). Case and point.Trent Wood

  15. Customer service generally blows, as far as I’m concerned. Gary treats his fans, and hopefully I’m treating my t-shirt customers, in a way that should be nothing less than standard! But service tends to suck so badly that this higher level of service then seems stellar.

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