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Eliminate the Online Distractions in Your Life

Someone or something online bothering you? Eliminate it. Slice it out of your life with no remorse. Take a walk, breathe fresh air, and return to doing YOUR work. We all have a shortage of time - never enough time to get it all done. Ignore … [Read more]

Chris Reimer is Available For Hire

I don’t mean to darken your day, but I have some important news to share. Starting very soon, I’ll no longer be employed by Kaldi’s Coffee. Sad face emoji. I had been hired to be Marketing Director of both Kaldi’s Coffee and a sister company, … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 38: Don’t Haze or Hate on Departing Employees

  In Episode 38 of Happywork TV, we talk about the next commitment in the work code of conduct I've created called "The Happywork Agreement." This is a commitment that employers are going to make to their employees. Here it is: "If an … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 37: Happywork Has Launched!

  Thanks to all who have played a role in bringing my art to the marketplace. Today, February 17, 2015, Happywork hits the streets, and I'm thrilled and honored. … [Read more]

Happywork is On The Shelves At Barnes & Noble

My book is now on the shelves at select Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. I stopped by the one near my house (170 & Ladue in St. Louis). They now have two autographed copies! Use to check in-store stock in your area (use the zip code field on … [Read more]

The #Happywork Hashtag is Looking Good!

[Read more]

Happywork Reviews, Happywork Podcasts, Happywork Tweets, Happywork Everything!

This blog post serves several purposes: 1. It's a compendium of reviews for my book Happywork. (mostly happy reviews, no doubt!) 2. It's a compendium of podcasts, interviews, and recorded speaking engagements supporting the book. 3. It's a … [Read more]

Two Quotes I Live By

I once did a monstrous blog post entitled "The 50 Tweets That Businesses Should Be Doing." It was my far-reaching attempt to coax clients (and you) onto Twitter. "We don't have anything to tweet about," I'd often hear. Nonsense. You have much to … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 36: Psychometric Testing is Stupid

  In Episode 36 of Happywork TV, I discuss one of the commitments in the work code of conduct I've created called "The Happywork Agreement." Here it is: "Personality tests - sometimes referred to as 'psychometric tests' - are stupid. They … [Read more]

Happywork TV Episode 35: Thank You Chris Brogan!

  In the video below, I give a huge thank you to Chris Brogan for everything he's taught me and done for me. It's more than just the blurb on the back cover of my book. Back when he blogged on a near-daily basis, I read every single post … [Read more]